Have you seen this? 91-Year Old WWII Veteran Beaten With Oxygen Tank By Caregiver


91-Year old Michael Tristano, a WWII veteran, was found in his house in a pile of blood and urine after his family called authorities when they had not heard from him.  His caregiver, Elena Erickson was in the house when the fire department arrived.  She told police she had just arrived and found him in such condition.

The police did not believe Ms. Erickson and Mr. Tristano was able to explain how he had received his injuries.  During a fight about payment for care services, Ms. Erickson allegedly hit Michael in the back of the head with a heavy oxygen tank.  When Michael refused to give her a blank check she assaulted him.  He tried to struggle with her and take the tank from her hands which caused bruises on the elderly veteran’s hands and arms.

He begged her to call an ambulance to which she refused.  Ms. Erickson left him in the pool of blood and urine and left for the night.  When she returned in the morning, authorities met her at the scene soon after she arrived to find the elderly victim holding onto life.  They arrested Ms. Erickson on charges of tampering with evidence and attempted murder.


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