Glorious GoPro photos of our amazing, beautiful world


GoPro has an annual contest to choose the best photos from around the world. The company encourages users to snap and submit photos to the GoPro Awards. GoPro asks for any photo that captured the world’s beauty and helped remind others of the importance of protecting the environment.

It received a stack of entries that are truly inspiring.

The most stunning photos are soon to be selected by GoPro as award winners and reap the rewards of internet fame and cash prizes. We’ve dived into its archives ahead to pick out some of the most impressive snaps entered so far and those chosen as “Photo of the Day”. 


The Door of Everything

Sometimes a simple photo can be both beautiful and make us feel insignificant at the same time. This incredible snap shows a brilliant view of the world captured by Nicolas Lavilla Calahorra:

“It is the great door that opens our eyes to the great world that surrounds us. It makes us feel small but we are big in our hearts, and immense in our possibilities”

Rest in the middle of the lake

A brilliantly beautiful view of a manmade bridge stretching across a peaceful lakeside. Alba Lleshi snapped this image while walking around the lake and stopping for a rest. 

9500ft view

A magnificent image of a peace and serenity at the peak. This photo shows an Overcaptured view from the top of a mountain caught with the GoPro Fusion camera.


Some jobs are certainly more interesting than others. This selfie captured by Marcos Trotta shows the “…end of a looping during a military formation flight of Brazilian Air Force.” There’s no denying this pilot’s multi-tasking skills are incredible. 

What a night

This image is actually the combination of 400 photos into a single one. The result is what looks like a thousand shooting stars in the sky. Pretty spectacular, we’re sure you’ll agree. 

Northern lights display

James Major used his GoPro to snap this incredible photo of one of the most intense solar storms he’d ever seen. The Northern Lights creating a colourful lightshow in the skies above.  Certainly, a breath-taking view captured on a humble little action camera. 

Skiing in Valmalenco

An amazing image with astounding views of the ski slopes in Valmalenco. This ski-height photo is certainly an interesting perspective and perfect inspiration for other GoPro users. 

Ice caves in BC

Abe Kislevitz took a helicopter ride into the depths of British Columbia to access this retreating glacier for an incredible view of the icey caves hiding beneath it. 

Wild Christmas

Not your usual Christmas view – this photo was taken on Christmas Eve on the volcanic island of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands. Peaceful roads for a man to enjoy with just his motorbike and the cool winter winds to keep him company. 

Fall time

A serene view of a perfectly still lake in Northern Italy. Alberto Rossetto snapped this image while on an adventurous bike ride. The brilliant colours of the Autumnal trees contrasting wonderfully with the cool waters of the lake. 

Sliding ride

Action is the name of the game. Merlino Nicolas can be seen here tearing up the dirt roads with a perfectly timed slide. 

Wingsuit flying with clouds and friends

Another astounding Overcapture view above the clouds, proving again why GoPro cameras are such a strong favourite with skydivers. 

Freerunning Paradise Santorini

Joel Eggimann is a parkour and free running enthusiast. He’s also a stuntman and an athlete. As you can imagine, his photos are pretty incredible and often perfectly timed too. 

Ready for lift-off

A colourful waterborne shot from the tropical paradise of Fiji. This view shows a seaplane readying for take-off from the crystal clear waters. 

Sunrise skateboarding

A lone skateboarder makes the most of a winding and empty road on an early morning. The sun slowly creeps over the mountaintop as a new day begins. Another brilliantly simple shot chosen as photo of the day. 

Dolphins in Hawaii

A smashing view captured while swimming with the dolphins off the coast of Hawaii. This underwater photo by Connor Trimble shows what an amazing world we live in. 

Bridge to nowhere

Another long bridge stretching off into the distance. This sort of photo is apparently incredibly popular with GoPro users and it’s easy to see why. 

Machu Pichu

Machu Pichu is an Incan citadel nestled in the Andes Mountains high above Peru. It’s a popular tourist destination for the region and with this sort of breath-taking view, it’s easy to see why. 

Freediving in sea caves

Victor De Valles shows us just how versatile GoPro cameras can be with a brilliant underwater snap captured as he freedives with the fishes. We love how the light breaks through the water in this image. A simple, yet wonderful view of nature. 

Dog in the hole

“When your dog starts to make a hole in the sand of the beach and you end up burying it in it”

Miriam Borrego Ruiz was clearly having some daft fun at the beach and that’s certainly one cooperative pooch!

Summer days

A perfect wake-boarding partner also makes for a fantastic photo. This photo of the day selection by Eleni Mimikou makes a refreshing change from the action-shots and extreme sports images you’d expect to see. 

Swimming under an aeroplane

Nothing to see here, just a low-flying plane coming into land while a young photographer takes a casual dip. Not what you’d expect to see when splashing around in the ocean. Makes for a pretty awesome selfie though. 

Summer in Glacier National Park

“An afternoon spent paddling on one of Glacier National Park’s most remote and breathtaking alpine lakes involved lots of smiles, sunshine and crystal clear water.”

Piggy piggy

It turns out that pigs don’t just like rolling in mud, they also like a nice dip in the sea too. This photo shows a cute pig taking a swim in the crystal clear waters of the Bahamas. 

Northern Lights and the plane wreck

Another photo that’s actually the result of two images being stitched together. An awesome shot of the Northern Lights and a worn-out wreckage of an old plane. 

Palm tree paradise

In the middle of the British summer, with the usual sporadic showers, we look on with envy at this view of paradise snapped by Mark Baechtold. Not the usual action shot we’d expect from a GoPro, but certainly a marvellous view of a beautiful sunset. 

An eagle-eyed view

At the opposite end of the spectrum comes this snap from the Western plains of Mongolia. Here, GoPro photographer Lauren McGough captures spectacular snow-covered views of the sweeping mountains while out on a hunt with a group of nomadic Kazakhs.

The accompanying golden eagles are tagging along to help out with the hunt, blissfully unaware of the majesty they add to the photograph. 

A view from turbulent waters

Putting the GoPro’s waterproof housing to maximum use, Marcus Rodrigues captures a magnificent underwater view. The water’s surface appears to be rough and angry but there’s a pleasant calm below which this swimmer is briefly enjoying on the way up to the surface. 

What lies beneath

Another snap of a wonderful underwater swimmer captures what looks like someone diving for buried treasure while the captain of the boat keeps watch.  

Cliff-hanging for views

Dangling from the mountain tops of Yangshuo, China, Chuang Liu snaps a breath-taking view during a heart-pounding climb. An impressive feat of endurance and masterful photography in a single shot.

Powder lines with a view 

A solitary snowboarder appears at the edge of this snap, barely visible in the jaw-dropping view of the snow-covered expanse that lays before them. Marvellous, untouched white powder stretches out as far as the eye can see. A snowboarder’s paradise indeed. 

A peaceful paddle 

This GoPro enthusiast took man’s best friend along for the ride on these calm lake waters. A beautiful scene lays before them and pooch seems to be contemplating the wonders of his life as he stares off into the distance.

A calm view from a mountaintop tent

There’s something thoroughly humbling about this view captured by Marc Ruffini. He sits at the edge of his tent, sipping from a flask and basking in the glory of the magnificent mountains sprawling out before him. We’d imagine there was a fair amount of effort that went into scaling this mountain to get to this viewpoint in the first place, so hopefully, the reward was worth it. 

Don’t look down

With a slightly less relaxing mountainous view, Victoria Nader shows us what a rather steep descent might look like. We’re pleased to be viewing this one from a safe distance but have to admire the courage of the photographer and the wonder of the view. 

Catching some air

An impressive feat of snowboarding grace makes for yet another marvellous snow photo. The composition of this one looks like it could have been taken by a bear sitting in his cave snapping the action as it went by. 

Communing with nature

GoPro photographer Mike Maholias warms his hands by an open fire as he communes with nature and relaxes by the peaceful waters of this still lake. This photo certainly makes us marvel at how many wonderful elements of nature can be squeezed into a single snap. 

Atop the emerald ocean

Forward-facing shots from the bow of a boat seem to be a firm favourite amongst GoPro users. This one is pretty special too. The sparkling emerald waters glisten below the green-topped hillsides. Relaxing, calm and tranquil, this photo certainly inspires a warm happy feeling at how serene nature can be. 

Mother Nature shows her might

From the tranquil to the downright scary. Nick Troutman’s photo shows us just how impressive and fearsome Mother Nature can be. Here a mixture of foam, steam and smoke billow from the water’s surface as molten lava pours from the cliff face and falls down into the waters below. 

The supported ascent

Putting their GoPro to spectacular use, Niqolas Ruud shows us what it’s like to climb a steep mountain face, supporting teammates and fellow climbers along the way. The wonder of our planet stretches out before them as these three lone climbers make their way onwards and upwards. How small and insignificant they appear before the mighty landscape below them. 

Whitewater wonder

Sun breaking through the tree line, whitewater rapids beckoning in the distance, a GoPro strapped to a helmet. We have no doubt there were quite a few awesome photos taken on this kayaking ride, but this one is something special. The quiet before the storm? Or simply a fantastic view of nature at its best. 

Swimming with the fishes

GoPro cameras are special because of how flexible they are. The underwater housing once again works its magic as Jeb Corliss captures a shoal of fish passing by with a few sharks thrown in for good measure. A range of creatures caught on camera peacefully and harmoniously floating around in the warm waters.  What could be a better fit for a competition about the environment we live in than this? 


A new underwater friend

Last but not least on our list is a submission from last year by Alex Robert. This fantastic photograph captures the cheerful face of a magnificent marine mammal swimming in the waters of Laguna Beach, California. 

Some pretty spectacular images, we’re sure you’ll agree and we’ll expect to see more GoPro photos like this in future. 

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