Air Force Combat Controllers will Receive Silver Stars

Flag and soldiers.

In a ceremony to be held in early May, two Fort Bragg airmen will receive Silver Stars for their valor in Afghanistan last year. Tech. Sgt. Matthew J. Greiner and Senior Airman Goodie Goodman are credited with helping to save the lives of 38 troops, including 14 U.S. special operators and 24 Afghan commandos, during a 48-hour battle in September. The Fort Bragg airmen are combat controllers with the 21st Special Tactics Squadron, an elite Air Force special operations unit.

Greiner is also being awarded the Bronze Star medal with valor and being honored as the Air Force’s national Non Commissioned Officer Association Vanguard Award recipient. He is receiving those honors for actions during a battle on Sept. 21, 2014. That battle was seven days before the 48-hour battle alongside Goodman and their Special Forces team.

Thank you two for your bravery and valor. And thank you for protecting our freedom.

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Fort Bragg Airmen Acts of Valor in Battle

Below is an account of the 48-hour battle in Afghanistan where the two Fort Bragg airmen’s acts of bravery saved lives. You can read the full article about the Fort Bragg airmen receiving Silver Stars in the Fayetteville Observer. The following exerpt comes from that news article.

“According to officials, Greiner and Goodman were part of a three-man combat controller team, working alongside a Special Forces detachment and Afghan commandos.

The troops assaulted a hostile bazaar by helicopter, seeking to disrupt insurgent operations, when they came under attack by more than 100 insurgents.

During the two-day battle, Greiner and Goodman are credited with exposing themselves to enemy fire to better call in precision air strikes and coordinate the resupply of much-needed ammunition. Greiner controlled 70 air assets during the firefight.”

Air Force Combat Controller

What exactly was the role of these two Fort Bragg airmen? It just so happens we saw this military video on the Hero Giveaways blog last week. This video from their weekly Heroes in Action military videos blog post shows a Air Force combat controller discussing what their roles are.

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