Fort Bliss Soldier Acts Fast and Saves Drowning Child

Sgt. 1st Class Lynnette Hobson-Shearwood, the platoon sergeant for the Supply Support Activity, Alpha Company, 501st Brigade Support Battalion, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Division, and a native of Trinidad and Tobago, poses outside the 1/1 AD Headquarters, April 29. Hobson-Shearwood pulled a drowning infant from a pool last week, performed CPR and saved his life.

A Fort Bliss soldier is being hailed as a hero, but not for her actions in combat. Fort Bliss soldier Sgt. 1st Class Lynnette Hobson-Shearwood from 1st Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Division used her instincts, quick thinking and training to save a one year-old child from drowning. And if the U.S. Army soldier from Fort Bliss didn’t act when she did, the community may have been mourning not just one, but two children. Watch the video below to learn more about this Fort Bliss soldier’s heroic act.

We first read about Shearwood saving this child’s life over at the Hero Giveaways blog. And it was quite fitting that we read this story there as this U.S. Army soldier is definitely a hero. In fact, the Alpha Company command team at Fort Bliss is working on the paperwork for Sgt. 1st Class Lynnette Hobson-Shearwood to possibly get the Soldier’s Medal – the highest honor a soldier can get for an act of valor in a noncombat situation.

Fort Bliss Soldier’s Heroic Act – In Her Words

According to Shearwood, her late work hours had changed her regular daily routine a bit. And it turns out, that change of regular habits could have meant the difference between life and death.

On this night, instead of coming home, going in her home and changing out of her uniform like she normally did, she instead found herself going straight to the backyard to water her plants. That’s when she heard the whimpering, crying, sound that triggered the following life-saving actions.

The Fort Bliss soldier told CBS4 News the following…

“I looked up and I didn’t see any adults around so I looked over the fence and that’s when I saw the little boy in pampers and he was pulling at something in the pool,” Shearwood said.

At that point the Fort Bliss Army soldier was concerned the young boy would fall in the pool, but she had no idea what else was happening.

“I called out a few times and nobody answered and that’s when I jumped over the wall,” Shearwood said. When she went to the pool, she saw that the child was actually two-year-old Wesley Deucher pulling on the foot of his younger cousin, Troy, who was unconscious and in the water.

“When I came around the pool to get the little boy, that’s when I saw the other child in the pool floating,” Shearwood said.

She immediately pulled Troy out and began administering CPR.

“After a while the water started coming out through his mouth and he started gasping for breath and then I turned him on his side in the recovery position, you know, so that in case any more water came out it will just run out,” Shearwood said.

The soldier knocked on the door of the home where the grandmother (she believes) opened the door. 911 was called and an emergency response team was dispatched. Her heroic actions had a positive ending as the child is now okay and the family is very thankful.

Watch Interview with Fort Bliss Soldier

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