Florida Panhandler Confronted by Army Veteran for Stolen Valor [Video]


An U.S. Army veteran approached a Florida panhandler wearing a military uniform with the intention of offering help. Then, the situation changed dramatically. Watch the viral video below of Army veteran Garrett Goodwin confronting this panhandler, accusing him of being a military faker and ordering him to remove “the uniform that [his] brothers and sisters have died in” serving this country.

Goodwin said his anger towards the panhandler and strong reaction to this case of Stolen Valor was due to the fact that he was burying a Marine friend who was recently died of cancer.

“Maybe one of the reasons I was so into this yesterday is tomorrow I’m burying a good friend who is a Marine…I’m putting that man in the ground tomorrow,’ Goodwin told My Fox Tampa Bay. ‘And I think that seeing this guy in uniform and wearing the uniform that my brothers and sisters have died in, it was more than I was willing to stand and take.”

Viral Video of Army Veteran Confronting Florida Panhandler

Veteran Discusses Stolen Valor Incident

After the video went viral, Goodwin heard from both sides of the aisle in regards to his confrontation with the man asking for money while wearing a military uniform. Most stood with the Army veteran. Some, however, accused him of being a bully.

According to Goodwin, “Some people have called me a bully on the internet, and I think he’s a bully wearing a uniform holding up a sign walking up to people’s cars in an intersection looking for money. I think he’s bullying people out of their money.”

He even went one step further in an interview with WTSP telling the station, “If it turns out he’s an honorably discharged veteran, I personally give him $1,000 cash and personally spend the hours that it takes to get him into the VA system.”

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