Fitness Motivation Pictures and Quotes

Fitness Motivation Pictures and Quotes
If you’ve been inspired to follow or create your own fitness bucket ideas based on a previous post, the next major challenge is to keep it up. With these fitness motivation pictures and quotes, you will surely get all fired up to continue on your weight loss and health journey!

Fitness Motivation Pictures

In relation to exercise and diet, there is a simple formula which may help:

“Calories burned should be greater than calories consumed.”

In other words, your food intake should be less compared with the energy used in order to promote weight loss. The rest of the details are quite technical, it definitely merits a separate post.

weight loss formula

Routines and weights become easier because you are getting stronger along the way.

fitness makes you better

Never Give Up

Quite simple rules below but are often quite challenging for many of us

fitness rules

“Never Give Up!”

We’ll never get tired of seeing those three words in weight loss.

don't give up

There is no shortcut to health and fitness. Don’t buy anything offering a miracle pill, shake or diet. Move your body instead.

no magic to fitness

No Excuses

The succeeding three images all echo the same fitness fact: “no excuses.”

challenge changes you

Challenge yourself, so they say; because excuses burn no calories.

no excuses to burn calories

In order to make time, incorporate fitness into your daily routine.

One example is walking to and from work if possible; if not, do so during your break.

You can also follow simple exercise routines which make use of items readily found at work or at home such as a chair, table, sofa and more.

i don't have time fitness excuse

Today versus Tomorrow

The next three images are also grouped due to a single message they convey about fitness.

sore today strong tomorrow

This quote below can be applicable for any other challenging goal in life, not just exercise.

fitness is hate me now love me later

Tomorrow should start today.

workout today thank body later

More Motivational Pictures

Great things start from small beginnings. The same applies to workout.

every workout counts

Lifestyle, in this pic below, depicts diet and exercise.

body is a reflection of lifestyle

Speaking of diet, organic and unprocessed food is always ideal.

Read the labels before buying.

real food

Winners versus Losers

A comparison which hit right home when it comes to winning versus loosing in the battle for fitness.

winners versus losers

Slow but Sure

Remember that old fable about the turtle and the rabbit?

Slowly but surely is the name of the fitness game. So don’t quit and keep going.

don't quit on fitness

Because even if the progress is slow, it’s better than none at all.

slow is better than none

Love Your Body

This one may earn the ire of many. But not taking care of one’s body is being disrespectful to it.

respect your bodyIt’s why we often hear the lines, “love your body” when it comes to health hard for the body

Wish you had a more fit body? Start doing something about it.

start your fitness journey now

The struggle will make you stronger.

struggle leads to strength

Film Based Fitness Pics

Remember this from Hangover 2?

hangover 2 did you die

Ronda Rousey loss to Holly Holm back in November 2015 but she tried again. She lost to Amanda Nunes just last December 2016 but I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of her yet.

dont stop trying

It’s Muhammad Ali’s quote with Sofia Boutella on the image.

muhammad ali fitness quote

Bruce Lee’s words of wisdom is applicable not only for health and fitness but for life in general.

bruce lee quote

Weight Loss Transformation Pictures 

Will you believe that this is Chris Pratt?

He lost 80 pounds in 6 months by following a low-carb Paleo diet along with CrossFit workouts based on a report from

chris pratt fitness transformation

The Light twins below are fans of raw vegan diet.

twins' fitness transformation

“It’s never too late to become what you might have been.” – John Pasco

I can’t find any background info on the image below but John Pasco similarly started with bodybuilding at age 72 based on

70 year old weight loss transformation

Fitness Motivation Quotes

Aside from images, may these fitness quotes motivate you as well.

fitness strength motivation

This one sums it all up in a very simple way but the message is very powerful still.

get fit don't quit

Here’s one that’s similar to one of the pictures above; sore today, strong tomorrow.


No Excuses. Make Time.

Some exercise routines can actually be completed in less than an hour (15-45 minutes). The site called DAREBEE offer numerous workouts and programs you can follow even with a limited time available.

one hour workout is only 4% daily

You may refer to the suggestions above about incorporating exercise with your daily routine.

make time for fitness

Sacrificing mindless, aimless, endless browsing through a social media feed versus following a simple exercise routine will be worth it.

no time for workout

So how bad do you want it? If there’s a will, there’s a way applies to finding and making time for fitness too.

how bad do you want it

Mind over body. Anything your mind can conquer, your body can similarly accomplish.

But be cautious of potential injury too. Ask an expert before engaging in any fitness regimen or diet plan.

body over mind

Talking about diet, don’t keep unhealthy food at home so you won’t have to eat them in the first place.

what you eat is what you get

Why Workout

Working out isn’t always because of superficial reasons. There are far more important reasons why we should workout.

why you should workout

Conquer your fears, one step at a time.

one step at a time

One step at a time may be slow but it is at least sure; because there are no shortcuts.

no shortcuts to workout

Fitness Motivation in GIF

Bonus! Here are more motivational materials, in GIF!

mma girl

The meme world dubbed the GIF above as the “MMA Girl.”

This one below changes how we view working out in general.

workout quote

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Note: We are in no way endorsing any of the sites mentioned in the images posted above.

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