116 Fitness Bucket List Ideas

fitness bucket list ideas
The road to health starts with inspiration. You need motivation in order to get up and moving. How about these fitness bucket list ideas? We feature 116 possible goals which can inspire you to start a healthier lifestyle or continue treading the same healthy path by following new targets to reach.


Bond with your pet and exercise through walking

walk dogs


Make sure the trapeze can support you before even trying


This isn’t as easy as it looks

climb rope


Jump rope skipping is one of the best easy exercise

skip for 10 minutes


You can always substitute the apple tree with any other fruit bearing tree which can also bear your weight, of course.

climb apple and eat apple

Biking Related Fitness Goals

bike through a country

You can do this not just for summer but all throughout the year to and from work or school when applicable.

bike all summer

century bike

Tough Mudder

This is a series consisting of a challenging 10-12 obstacle race series.

tough mudder

Since Tough Mudder is literally tough, women aren’t always competing for this race.

girls mudders competition

Cross Fit is similarly tough.

crossfit games

Dance, Yoga, Pilates, Gymnastics

become a dancer

Just don’t break your bones!

break dance

The earlier you start in life, the better.

do gymnastics

This is not exclusive to ballet dancers.

hold leg

The same applies to this pose.

180 degree penche

Flexibility can be learned by anyone too.

become flexible

Pilates + Yoga = Yogilates


do yoga


Other than yoga, you can also learn other fitness related practices like self-defense.

zero gravity yoga

Krav Maga is a form of self-defense.

krav maga

Fitness Bucket List Ideas on Water

lifeguard course

Learn paddle boarding, riding a surf board and more.


learn surf

How about swimming related goals?

swim faster

swim 1km

This is still water related right?

ice bath

Ice baths help ease muscle pain after a strenuous physical activity. 

Fitness Bucket List for Women

fitness bucket list ideas


Well, this applies for men too.

calf and arm definition


This one is certainly just for women.

wear sports bra

Start now and you’ll have months to go before summer.

fit before summer

Summer or not, I’m sure you’d like to look this good.

feel confident bikini


But before anything else, check your weight.

reach weight goal

Fitness isn’t about vanity. It’s about loving your body.

love body


Competing can be motivating for exercise. Have a friendly fitness competition against your boyfriend.

bench more than boyfriend

How about Push ups?

beat boyfriend pushup

And more push up goals!

proper pushup

10 pushup

one hand pushup

You probably wanted to try these since you were a kid

hand stand

cart wheel

back arch

Splits and wall sits

do splits

wall sit


3 minute plank

You can create a variation based on target time.


Friends make good planking buddies!

hold a plank

Gym Goals

go to the gymgym regularly

But don’t be stubborn though. Some people have been there longer and may know better.

don't be corrected while in a gym

This should definitely be challenging.



This too!



More gym goals!

beat PR

fitness ideas

work hard

Don’t push yourself too much that you get injured though. 

It’s always fun to workout with others.

working out together


Fitness boot camps let you meet people too.

fitness boot camp

How about group workouts with high intensity programs?

60 days insanity

Insanity is one of the most challenging workouts ever made.

insanity grad

P90X is another high intensity workout routine.

p90x grad

Dance, Zumba and More

dance no one is watching

zumba competition

Learn and Teach Fitness

teach zumba

Teaching and sharing something you’ve learned is a whole new level of improvement.

spinning class

become a fitness instructor

become a personal trainer

Go for Gold! 

The Olympics may or may not be far fetched until you try.


Abs and Muscles!

have abs

girl abs

sexy back muscles

Exercise Wear

wear spandex

Spandex is one of the most recommended clothing material for exercise.


wear running clothes

Take note that there are places where this is not applicable though.

Running Shoes

run too much


Don’t just collect, wear them!

running shoes collection

Fitness Bucket List Ideas: Running, Sprinting, Walking, Hiking and Climbing

just run

The color run is fun!

color run

Be free from asthma worry when you run. It actually helps you learn to breathe as long as your asthma is in control.

don't let asthma control run

Running is like a habit, a good one. Start now and keep it as you go along.

run everyday

run everyday


Having running goals can also help.

run mile

A mile run becomes easy in no time.

mile run

run a mile

run mile

When you’re used to running, a marathon can be considered the next level.

run marathon

run a marathon

marine corps marathon

Vary the running routine through a sprint, sprint triathlon and triathlon.

beat someone with sprint

sprint triathlon

compete triathlon

Run and compete in 5 km runs and more

run 5k

run 5km

compete 5 km


The Spartathlon is an ultramarathon race with 246 kms distance goal, held between Athens and Sparta, hence the name. 

run spartathlon

spartan race

Warrior Dash and Iron Man

How about the Warrior Dash and Iron Man?

warrior dash

iron man

Besides competing, you can just join running clubs.

running team


Or run for cause like charity

run for a cause


You can also enjoy a good run by the beach.

run beach

Even Disney can be an inspiration and motivation for a passion in good health and wellness.

coast to coast disney

Disney holds marathons and races you can join.

disney princess half marathon

How about hiking?

hiking for a day

hike mountain

Walking, hiking, and climbing can even be a sightseeing affair.

hike grand canyon

hike yosemite

The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru

hike inca

More recreational places to run, walk, and go bouldering while enjoying scenic views. run rocky stars

kokoda trail

boulder joshua tree

Climbing is a whole new level. It needs more preparation than running, walking or hiking.

climb cliff face

climb mountain

stand mountain

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