First U.S. Service Member Wounded by ISIS in Syria


On Tuesday, the Pentagon formally announced that a U.S. service member was wounded in Syria due to indirect fire from ISIS. It was also reported over the weekend that a different U.S. service member was also wounded due to indirect fire in Iraq.

Both of these reports highlight the growing threat to U.S. troops as the dangerous fight against ISIS continues to accelerate.

A troop hit by “indirect fire” typically means that the troop was wounded by artillery, mortar, or rocket fire.

It was also crucially noted in several reports that both of the wounded troops were operating behind the forward lines of troops. It other words they were not engaged in active combat whatsoever.

As the campaign against ISIS continues, U.S. troops are continually advised to stay far behind any front lines of combat in order to avoid any direct combat in this ongoing conflict however where these lines are drawn continues to be more and more questionable.

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