First Female Military Statue Unveiled


The Very First Female Military Statue Has Finally Been Unveiled

Female veteran service members came together over the weekend to unveil a new female service member statue being displayed in Brownsville Veterans Park in Texas. Veteran Females United (VFU) a small non-profit based in Texas, was developed to bring awareness to issues facing female service members. Its mission is “to engage and empower female veterans to lead healthy successful lives by providing ongoing guidance and support to them and their families.”

12 feet and 6-inches tall the formidable granite figure stands guarding the park. At a cost of $35,000 the statue is a culmination of works by organizations, business and individuals. The statue is a modern reminder of how much has changed over the years. Female as well as male service members are now recognized for their efforts, sacrifices and dedication. With female empowerment at the head of the statue’s presence, little girls who look upon the monument will know that their service is appreciated and the pride of being part of a larger community which recognizes all of its enlisted soldiers’ efforts will be the military of their future.

statue 2

“One of my goals is to empower women and I think this is our time, so I’m all for it,” said resident Marta De Yturbe.

Not only is the statue completely empowering, but it also serves an important purpose of honoring and saluting all female veterans that have served our country, are currently serving our country, or have served our country and lost their lives.

“Thanks to this statue, the VeteransPark now gives equal tribute to the men and the women that gave their lives for our freedom,” Lucio said. “This is a wonderful opportunity to come together to show the world that we … will always be indivisible and that we have the justice that everyone deserves.”

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