Finally, a Grilled Tofu Recipe That Doesn’t Suck


Chances are, you’re underestimating tofu.

No, it doesn’t taste all that grand haphazardly thrown, sans seasoning, into your lunch salad or on a bed of quinoa. Yes, it’s inherently bland.

But that’s why it’s perfect on the grill: Acting as a blank canvas, tofu soaks up all that charred, smoky flavor; and, with the help of an accoutrement or two—say, pickled onions or a shoyu glaze—really shines.



Here, New York’s Café Spice Culinary Director Hari Nayak makes magic of your flavorless friend on the grill, and finishes it with a piquant chutney.

“This is a great meat-free entrée,” says Nayak. “Sandwich the tofu on a bun with chutney, add a dollop of mayo, and you have the perfect vegetarian sandwich.”

We agree, and you very well may win over a few carnivores, too.

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