A Male Figure Skater Responds Beautifully To Gay Slurs

Figure skater Donovan Carrillo is a young and talented 16-year old boy from Mexico who happens to have some mean talent on the ice.


He recently saw action at the Junior Grand Prix of Figure Skating held recently in Yokohama, Japan.


He was so good that he moved on and will be showcasing his talents in Taipei City for the
ISU World Junior Figure Skating Championships.


He even performed to recently deceased Juan Gabriel’s piece “Hasta Que te Conocí” as an ode to his mother who loved the artist.


His performance has earned him praises from people who are able to appreciate talent and be genuinely happy for other people’s success.


Here is another one congratulating the figure skater for a job well done

Tweet praising figure skater Donovan Carrillo
“No doubt @DonovanDCarr you’re successful, that many of those who criticize your performance, have not the slightest idea what that is.”

This is because despite the exceptional talent and all the hard work put into his craft, there are people who choose to throw gay slurs at the young performer.
Donovan Carrillo
“Another faggot”

But Donovan, at his age, is already a class of his own. Take a look at his response.

Figure Skater Donovan Carrillo
“I’m not bothered being called gay because I’m not. It infuriates me that people see the word ‘gay’ as a joke or an insult towards my hard work.”

Figure Skater Donovan Carrillo
“I admire and respect the LGBT community because I’m friends with a lot of their members, but I am not part of that community.”

“I thank everyone for your congratulations and words of encouragement. I hope to not disappoint you. I will continue to train!”

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