Feature: Jimmy Stewart

Jimmy Stewart

Film fans will definitely remember Jimmy Stewart who have appeared in over 92 films, TV shows, and other entertainment productions during his entire career since 1932 to 1991.  Five of his movies were included in American Film Institute’s list of 100 greatest American films. The films include Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, The Philadelphia Story, It’s a Wonderful Life, Rear Window and Vertigo.

But other than being popular in the entertainment world, this guy is also a military bad ass like other celebrities featured in the secret celebrity badasses post.

Read on for more notable features about Jimmy Stewart!

Thunderbird Field No. 1

Stewart, along with other Hollywood stars invested in Thunderbird Field No. 1, which became a training ground for pilots during World War 2.

Thunderbird Field No. 1


27 Years in Military Service

James Stewart military service

from 1940 to 1968

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