Fake Green Beret Wounded Warrior’s Fantastical Story Unravels


A fake Green Beret and wounded warrior’s fantastical story of deceit unraveled fast after local veterans questioned his story and his own mom said he was lying. Nicholas Anthony George, a military fraud and fake wounded Green Beret, came to the attention of local media in Michigan when he showed up at a Memorial Day ceremony in a wheelchair wearing an Army uniform adorned with five Purple Hearts and two Silver Stars. George later told a local reporter a fantastically deceitful tale spanning 28 years in the Army with the elite Special Forces. It turned out the fake wounded warrior was no hero after all – just a heroic liar.

The editor for the Oxford Leader, C.J. Carnacchio, noticed George at the Memorial Day event and went on to write the initial story with what George, the military faker, told him. According to reports, Carnacchio began to dig deeper into the initial story as he wanted to talk to family members. Local veterans also began to get in touch sharing their misgivings of the story shared by the fake wounded Green Beret.

After Carnacchio got in touch with family members, George’s story of serving our country began to unravel quickly. According to the Oxford Leader, when George’s owner mother was asked about his military service she had a simple answer.

“He’s lying – 100 percent.”

At that point, Carnacchio took the investigation in a different direction and brought in Guardian of Valor LLC and Special Forces Poser Patrol (SFPP) — two groups who out military fakers and their false claims of military and Special Forces service – to help. What the group found was much less captivating than the story George told.

We’ll share what they found out below. But first, we wanted to share an excerpt of the initial lies that the fake wounded Green Beret, Nicholas Anthony George, told in the initial story printed by Michigan’s Oxford Leader.

Fake Green Beret and Wounded Warrior’s Lies

This despicable coward told the following story to the Oxford Leader after being spotted in full uniform and in a wheelchair pretending to not only be a decorated Green Beret but also a wounded warrior who was facing an operation to remove his right leg.

When asked how he spent his career, George smiled and replied, “Dodging bullets.”

“I’ve been in every conflict since Panama,” he said.

After the U.S. invasion of Panama in 1989, George went on to serve in Kosovo, Somalia, Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan.

“I did 14 tours straight without coming home,” he said.

He’s gone on a total of 757 missions.

Tragically, George was overseas when he lost his wife of 25 years, Kimberly, to cancer.

“I couldn’t be home for it because I was over in Afghanistan,” he said.

When he talks about his career, George is very humble and straightforward. There’s not a trace of boastfulness or embellishment. He speaks honestly and from the heart.

Over the years, George’s courage under fire earned him two silver stars, a bronze star and six Purple Hearts.

“In 28 years, I’ve had 31 bullets put in (my) body and I keep going,” he said.

Unfortunately, the last round of bullets ended his military career.

“I took 14 rounds from the ankle to the shoulder,” George said.

That was in Afghanistan in 2011.

George is going to have his right leg amputated from the hip down and replaced with a prosthetic limb.

“Right now, it’s 80 percent titanium,” he explained. “I’ve had 52 surgeries on it. I finally fractured what little bit of femur I had left.”

“I figure it this way. I’m on a weight-loss program. I’m going to lose 30 pounds in one day,” George noted.

The new leg is going to cost $283,000 – and that’s after a manufacturer’s discount of approximately $40,000, according to George.

“They gave me a break because I’m a veteran,” he said.

Although he’s about to literally lose a large piece of himself, George doesn’t regret a single thing.

“I’d do it all again,” he said. “If I had to do it again, I’d do everything the same.”

Had he not been wounded so severely, George would still be in the military.

“I would have made 40 years, easy,” he said. “I’m still in good health, other than a few bullet wounds.”

Guardian of Valor Digs Up Truth on Military Faker

The folks at Guardian of Valor had no trouble uncovering the truth on this lifelong scam artist and despicable human being who was pretending to be a Wounded Warrior. Here’s what they found.

Once we found out his true DOB, we reached out to our Army contacts for his real military records. Once we received them, it was as we had figured, 99% of his military career was a complete fabrication.

According to his Official Military records, Nicholas George served from October 1988 through March 6th of 1990, not even a full two years. He did serve as a Combat Engineer, but never saw any type of combat. In fact the only place he ever went was Germany, and it was there that he was discharged as a Private from the Army.

It doesn’t show what his character of discharge was, and there is no record of a Courts Martial, but according to his mother and brother he couldn’t stay out of trouble and was Dishonorably Discharged. Below are his official records, he never earned anything other than an Army Service Ribbon and a Marksmanship Badge, not even a National Defense Service Medal because he wasn’t in during the authorized periods.

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