Earn for the World Cup with crypto collectibles


Very much like Crypto Countries, CryptoSoccr started off as a crypto collectible game. Our motivation was simple: revive our childhood passion and memories of trading collectible cards of our favorite players, but on blockchain. Smart Contracts have replaced the cards and we trade them for crypto.

“Revive our childhood passion and memories of trading collectible cards”

With the World Cup approaching, we thought about ways to ramp up the excitement. Betting on games was then a natural progression and we wanted to make it simple and exciting for the players.

Whilst exploring the topic and comparing what was available out there, it felt like you needed to be a pro and know all the jargon to compete on any betting platform. No salvation without a savvy “Canadian” or “Union Jack”. We have created a platform where you don’t need to know what a “Yankee” is to have fun. Also, because owning the right Smart Contract yields profit on the betting price pools,  you can earn without even betting!

“You don’t need to know what a Yankee is to have fun”

How do I collect Smart Contracts?

You will need to use a browser with a MetaMask extension (available within Chrome or Firefox), in order to collect Smart Contracts. MetaMask is a free electronic wallet that allows you to buy and store your cryptocurrency.  

Each card representing a player or other collectable is called a Smart Contract and can be bought and added to your collection. You can become the owner of that unique Smart Contract and it will remain yours until another player buys it back (snatch)! The player trading your Smart Contract has to buy it for a price at least 20% higher than yours, this is your profit to keep. The platform retains 6% transaction fee of the overall Smart Contract price.

How do I bet and earn on games?

For the duration of the World Cup, you will be able to place your bets on each match.

Bets are dead simple. You can either bet on a match outcome (win, lose, draw regardless of the score) and/or who will be the match MVP.

Each bet opens a week ahead of the match and closes at start of the game. At that point, the platform validates the bet. In the event a bet is void – meaning there is no profit for any player – stakes will be refunded to each player. If the bet is valid,

the platform will redistribute the price pool (total stake of the bet) as follow:

  • 4% transaction fee to the platform
  • 6% to the owners of the cup, stadium, ball and MVP assigned to this match (Will be announce few days before each match and are visible below the round details)


  • 90% (96% where applicable) to the stakeholders of the winning outcome. Each player will receive a return (original stake + profit) proportional to their contribution in the stake of the winning selection.

“Profit when your collectible gets snatched or win when it is involved in a winning bet”

Profit when your collectible gets snatched or win when it is involved in a winning bet. Either way earn from building the best collection and bring back to life your childhood trading card nostalgia.  

CryptoSoccr is live. Go get your Smart Contracts now!

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