Donald Trump Wins; the World Reacts through Memes

Donald Trump wins
So Donald Trump wins the election, whether you like or not; even Hillary Clinton had conceded and urged everyone to support the new US president. While some showed their disdain through rallies, others simply paraded memes all over the Internet.

Here are some of the best ones we’ve found.

This is one of the funniest memes made after Trump won the electoral race.

donald trump wins funny memes


On the contrary, Obama actually invited The Donald at the White House in preparation for the inauguration and turn over of the presidential seat.

obama reacts to trump win


Even Michelle Obama met with the future first lady, Melania Trump.

Speaking of the Obamas and the Trumps, the racial contrast is perfect for a comparison to the popular TV show.

obama vs trump


Speaking of TV shows, viewers noted how The Simpsons seemed to have predicted Trump’s win through an episode dating back to the year 2000.

the simpsons predicted trump's presidency


The resemblance is somewhat creepily prophetic as some videos like this one below show.

While The Simpsons supposedly predicted numerous other future events during its past episodes including the Trump presidency, some meme makers dream of Marty McFly coming to the rescue ala Back to the Future to save the US from Trump.

back to the future trump


If we do go back to the future or at least reflect upon the past, Trump did attempted to run for the highest government post. It’s what prompted The Simpsons to write an episode about it in the first place.


In a not-so-remote past, 2011, Obama insulted Trump probably because the latter was an open critic of the outgoing president back then. See this video below.

Some suspected that this same dinner gala encouraged Trump to eye the presidency again.



Look at Trump’s reaction!

obama insulted trump 2011

Who else wants that same seat? Kanye does!



But before that, how about this meme about a mass exodus? These celebs also promised to leave if Trump wins.

leave the us when trump wins


This is supposedly funny but it is indeed terrifying.

donald trump wins

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