Discriminated Against Veteran Dies Months After Discharge Status Upgraded To ‘Honorable’


Donald Hallman was an 83-year-old veteran who spent a majority of his life trying to hide his sexual orientation and his affected military history. He was in the army in 1955 when he was “undesirably discharged” after being classified as a ‘homosexual’.

Unfortunately Hallman passed away this past Monday, only a short time after he had finally cleared his name!

It was the Stonewall Columbus program that helped Hallman get his discharge status successfully changed from ‘undesirably discharged’ to ‘honorably discharged’.

The Stonewall Columbus program is an organization with a mission to help LGBT veterans who have received unfair discharges.

Due to his unfortunate and unfair discharge, Hallman was completely denied all benefits from Veterans Affairs.

His daughter, Dierdre Hallman, shared that his military discharge was a heavy rainstorm that followed him his entire life.

His daughter also admits that Hallman was an incredibly loving father and husband to his wife of nearly 20 years.

Hallman remained extremely silent about his time in the military and especially about his orientation for a majority of his life.

It wasn’t until the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” in 2010, that Hallman finally came out publically as bisexual and began all efforts to get his discharge status changed ASAP!

Hallman enlisted the help of Stonewall Columbus as well as the help of U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown.

Brown is currently the co-sponsor for a Senate bill that will eventually streamline the process for all LGBT veterans to improve their discharge statuses.

Brown was quoted saying,

“Mr.Hallman served out nation honorably in the Army and we owe him our respect and gratitude.”

Since the Stonewall Columbus organization helped change Hallman’s discharge status, they have since expanded and are now currently helping fourteen other individuals to change or upgrade their discharge statuses.

At this time the funeral arrangements for Hallaman are still pending.


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