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Discover Total Gym® TV on-demand video platform to stream workouts from any device 24/7.

It Started with YOU:

Heard of Total Gym® TV, but wonder how it works? Here’s an overview to help get you started. Trusted for over 40 years, Total Gym has been empowering home users, physical therapists and fitness professionals for nearly four decades. With over 4 million customers worldwide, Total Gym has helped millions reach their fitness goals. Always looking to improve the Total Gym workout experience, Total Gym developed Total Gym® TV to enable the Total Gym home fitness enthusiast to work out where they want, when they want and how they want with 24/7 access to workout programs.

How It Works

With Total Gym® TV, no DVDs are required. Workouts are streamed on-demand online requiring only an internet connection and browser. Because Total Gym® TV is internet-based, content can be accessed from any internet-enabled device with a browser.

Total Gym® TV Options

Total Gym® TV offers the Total Gym fitness community two great on-demand streaming options. Total Gym TV® is available to everyone. No matter where purchased or what model, if you own a Total Gym, you can stream workouts online with Total Gym® TV.

Total Gym® TV Basic

Total Gym® TV Basic gives free online streaming access to the Classic Library of 16 Total Gym Workout Programs, previously available only on DVD. Join Total Gym® TV Basic today for free. Pay nothing – ever.

Total Gym® TV Premium

For those looking for more variety and new workout content, Total Gym® TV Premium is a monthly subscription-based option providing UNLIMITED access to both the Classic Library of 16 Total Gym Workouts PLUS an All-Access Pass to new premium workout programs the moment they launch – streamed online from any device. Premium Members will discover new trainers, new workouts and all the best programming Total Gym® TV has to offer with 3+ new workout programs added each month – totaling nearly 50 new Total Gym Premium Workout releases planned annually. Subscriptions can be cancelled easily at any time through the self-serve online member dashboard.

Customize Your Workout Routine

New Total Gym TV® Premium Workouts release each month and range in length from quick 10-minute blasts to full-length 45-minute programs. Developed with the Total Gym® user in mind, a main fitness concern shared by the community was lack of time. Total Gym® users were looking for shorter programs that could deliver results. While short in length, many of the 10 to 15-minute programs are intense workouts – designed for maximum efficiency. For those with more time (and to add to workout variety) shorter programs can be stacked to create a “custom” fitness routine. The goal of Total Gym® TV is to enable the Total Gym home fitness enthusiast to work out where they want, when they want and how they want with 24/7 access to workout programs.

Work-Along with Top Trainers. Have fun. Stay Motivated. Get Fit.

A vast collection of new program titles and content, Total Gym® TV Premium Workouts were developed and delivered (work-along style) by a mix of top personal trainers and fitness experts. Premium subscription members will enjoy workout programs by favorite trainers like Rosalie Brown and Maria Sollon and will also be introduced to new faces to Total Gym® like Fitness Hall of Famer & Fitness Video Pioneer Cathe Friedrich, TV Fitness Personality & All-American Lacrosse Player Carrie Wightman and Strength & Conditioning Coach Devin Gage.

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