Disabled Army Veteran Losing Home Due to Rental Scam – Video


A disabled Army veteran says Gulf Coast Property Management in Bradenton Florida misled he and his wife into renting a home in foreclosure. The Army veteran’s rental home is now being placed up for auction and he was given 72 hours to vacate. Disabled retired Army Sgt. Scott Richardson says the property management took their money and never told the military couple that the home was in foreclosure. Watch the video from WFTS News below.

After moving to Florida to start a new life and signing a rental lease, Richardson, who spent 23 years fighting for our country, found information during a Google search that said their rental home was in foreclosure. In the interview with WFTS, Richard states, “We contacted the agent again right after that and said, ‘Look this is in foreclosure.’”

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The property management continued to deny that their home was in foreclosure and told the disabled Army veteran and his wife that they shouldn’t be concerned. That’s when the letters from the court began arriving at Richardson’s rental home saying the home would be put up for auction and sold to a new owner.

“That owner then has the option to do a writ of eviction right there and we have 72 hours to get off the property,” Richardson said.

Watching the smugness of Gulf Coast Property Management CEO Andy Moore will have you fuming. And the fact that his company would treat a military veteran – or anyone for that matter – this way is unacceptable.

A GoFundMe.com account has been set up to help Richardson and his wife with lawyer’s fees and relocation costs. You can find it here.

Disabled Army Veteran Rental Home to Be Auctioned

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