Dash Cam Video Captures Veteran’s Good Deed

good deed

A Simple Act Of Kindness

It was a hot summer day with a heat index of over 100 degrees when Georgia police officer Josh Wilcox was directing traffic. Sweat began to roll down his brow when Wilcox was surprising approached from behind by a complete stranger.

“I heard a gentleman say watch your six. That means someones approaching from the rear,” Officer Wilcox said. “So I looked back over my shoulder and there’s a gentleman walking into the intersection.”

The army veteran who approached Wilcox did not identify himself and simply offered the officer a few kind words and two cold drinks.

“He walked up to me, shook my hand and said thank you and be safe, and turned around and started to walk back out of the intersection,” Wilcox said.

So to not to trouble the officer, and so his hands would remain free, the veteran happily placed the two cold drinks on the officer’s squad car so the officer would be able to enjoy them later.

good deed

Caught On Tape

The dash cam on Wilcox’s police car caught the whole scene and since then the story has been making waves.

To many this scene might seem like a small act of kindness but to Wilcox this gesture meant the world, especially coming from a veteran.

“Thank you,” Wilcox said. “It was hot out there. It’s nice to have somebody looking out for you.”

After a long and hot afternoon, Wilcox definitely needed a refreshment. When Wilcox finally returned to his patrol car after directing traffic in front of Huntington Middle School, he found an ice cold water and Powerade waiting for him.

“It was nice when I got back to the car where the air conditioner was and have something cold to drink. That was great.”

The army veteran responsible for this amazing gesture has refused to come forward. The veteran even told news reporters that he didn’t want any attention for his act.


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