Daniel Craig Was Offered $150 Million To Play This Role!

Daniel Craig as Bond
Sony will stop at nothing to get Daniel Craig to play more bond movies! It is reported that the studio is desperate enough to offer a whopping $150 million to make him reprise his role as the Agent 007.

Daniel Craig

At 48, Craig is still in his prime but the studio is already looking to cast a younger James Bond. Among the people rumored to play this iconic role includes, Michael Fassbender, Idris Elba, and Tom Hiddleston.

The studio believes that getting Craig to play the role in two more films will make the transition into the new Bond actor smoother for the franchise. Apparently, the big bosses at Sony was willing to give everything just to make it happen.

If things go as planned, Daniel Craig will shoot two more Bond films back-to-back before passing on the role to someone else.


Who do you think should play the next James Bond?

Idris Elba

He is actually a favorite when it comes to the list of possible Bond actors. Although the Bond author Anthony Horowitz think he may be “too street”, a lot of Bond fans are rallying behind the actor.

Idris Elba

Tom Hiddleston

Since James Bond is a British agent, a lot of people believe that Tom Hiddleston will make a great replacement for Craig. But he may be too polished for the role? Maybe he needs to beef up a bit? But when it comes to the charm – he surely has it.


Michael Fassbender

The actor who played Magneto in the X-Men franchise is one of the contenders to be the next Agent 007. Can this Irish-German actor steel our hearts as the new James Bond? (see what I did there?)


Tom Hardy

The Mad Max actor might have to take a huge leap as he takes on the Bond role but he may just be up for it. From road warrior to a confident and charming agent – that will prove just how versatile Hardy can be as an actor.


Hugh Jackman

Having an Australian play the James Bond role might not be too tough to imagine. But getting him out of the Wolverine stigma might just be hard for most of his fans. But nevertheless, it should be exciting to watch him play the role.


Damien Lewis

Will the next James Bond be a red-head? If Damien Lewis gets the job, he might just be. He is said to be one of the favorites of the Sony bosses to play the role – but that is part of the speculation.

Damien Lewis

Henry Cavill

Did you know that Henry Cavill actually auditioned for the Bond role before Daniel Craig was cast? The casting folks thought he was too young to play the role then. Maybe he is perfect for the role now – what do you think?


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