Dallas Cracks Down on Loose Dogs After Veteran’s Death


Dallas city leaders are absolutely outraged and are quick to make changes following the death of a veteran who was killed by a pack of roaming dogs.

The homeless veteran killed was Antoinette Brown. Brown was rushed to the hospital after suffering from more than 100 bites from a pack of stray pit bulls.

Unfortunately loose dogs are found regularly in Dallas’s poorer neighborhoods.

loose dogs

Dallas city leaders promised that in response to Brown’s death they are completely cracking down on loose dogs common in these areas. So far they have ramped up arrests of dog owners, hired a consultant and are reviewing many proposals, including requiring a specific insurance policy for breeds that are considered “dangerous”.

The dogs had run free before the mauling and continued to do so in the days after. At this point the police have reported that the dog’s owners could indeed face charges but none have been filed.

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