CryptoTerminal Uses AI To Create The Best Tool For Technical and Fundamental Analysis


Information is power, and in a world like the one of crypto currencies where a token drops 90% or goes insanely bullish in hours, being informed is not just a matter of power, it is a matter of necessity.

However, it is not only important to be informed. Crypto is not like the traditional stock market. This is often the Wild West, and traders must be WELL informed and more importantly, they must get this information FAST to quickly respond to changes.

Until now it has been almost impossible to meet these requirements. The Crypto Terminal platform addresses this dilemma of being able to obtain reliable information digest, and deliver it in real time. 

Introducing: CryptoTerminal

Crypto Terminal is a platform created by and for crypto traders, which uses artificial intelligence to provide instant and carefully selected information for those investors who need to adapt their strategies to the frantic pace of the crypto market.

This platform, created by Jeremy Adler –an expert in financial markets with 8 years of experience trading cryptocurrencies– and Diego Czul –an expert trader who also happens to specialize in software engineering– provides the best tools for technical and/or fundamental analysts in one place.

The team has a number of strategic partnerships that have helped provide the best product both technically and financially. Diego Czul shared his excitement and confidence about this new platform:

We are excited about the platform that we have built, which features essential tools that traders and investors can use on a daily basis.
The terminal’s intelligent algorithms are continuously learning as they digest more and more data. The result is a platform that delivers the most important headline news that can impact the crypto markets on a macro level

CryptoTerminal receives, processes and analyzes information from a plethora of different sources in milliseconds. It achieves this thanks to the implementation of 5 proprietary algorithms that use multiple layers of AI filters, natural language processing (NLP) and advanced mathematical statistics to determine which news is reliable, and their level of importance. In this way, traders can easily and reliably foresee a change in market behavior, adjusting their strategies on the go.

The team briefly summarizes this process:

  • Our garbage detector AI removes useless information from our news feed
  • Our context NLP algorithms read and understand the information that passes the garbage detector and is able to decide if it is crypto related or not
  • Our complex importance algorithm composed of Neural Networks, Support Vectors Machines and advanced statistical mathematics that scores live data and decides its importance


Besides the technical features
showed before, CryptoTerminal offers these elements:


CryptoTerminal is not only focused on quality and speed; adaptability is also one of its priorities. Each user has the possibility to structure the information according to their taste, following the items they want. The dimensions and positions of various information sources are 100% configurable.

For example, whilst one user focused on technical analysis may configure their workspace to view charts, price variations and follow their favorite tokens, another user focused on fundamental analysis can configure the interface to follow news, correlate them with charts and see the main trends emerging on the crypto-verse.

Also, you can create multiple workspaces and switch them with one simple click!


This is the favourite option for
Technical Analysts

While traditionally a trader would have one window for their favorite RSS feed and another for a technical analysis app, with CryptoTerminal they have everything in one place. The Charting widget provides all the necessary tools to perform technical analysis: different timelines, types of graphs, indicators, and drawing tools.

Also, users can combine Technical + Fundamental Analysis and look how news affect the performance of a specific token. This makes it easy measure how much a token is influenced by mass/social media. In the screenshot below, we can see how a negative regulatory decision caused a market crash in BTC (we can also see the date, the exchange and the time frame, as well as other important and influential news)

Volatility Alerts

This is a tool of special importance for traders as it gives them real-time alerts on changes in market behavior. Users can know how much a token has changed, which Exchange it is most recommended to trade on, and which time span they should concentrate on to get the best results.

Price Quotes

This tool allows investors to track in real time their entire blockfolio. It not only shows prices but also maximum and minimum values, price variation, initial and closing prices, among other options. All in one widget very pleasant to the eye

Trending Topics

This widget is of special interest to those who perform fundamental analysis, or follow the behavior of social networks as an input for their investments. This screen shows the interests of the community during a certain period of time. In this way the user can see if any trend is stable or is starting to consolidate, if there is any extreme shill, etc.


CryptoTerminal is perhaps the most useful tool for crypto traders, either because it provides all the necessary information to be up to date in the world of crypto currencies, or because it avoids having to use multiple websites and apps at the same time

The only thing CryptoTerminal doesn’t do is buy and sell tokens for you… or maybe they just didn’t implement this option to let you have a little fun

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