Crazy Insurance Policies For Athletes’ Body Parts


It is not surprising that athletes’ body parts are insured for high sums. After all, these athletes rely on their bodies to earn a living. They want to make sure any injury will be covered in case the unthinkable happens.

Sports have a way of pushing one’s body to the limit. When you combine the competitiveness of sporting events, the risk of accidents will be higher. If the athlete loses a particular limb or part of the body, that could end their sporting career.

This is probably why these athletes, or their respective managers, have invested a lot of money on insuring certain body parts. Some of them, however, are weird body parts that you would never have thought to insure.

Here are the athletes body parts that have been insured.

Merv Hughes’ mustache

This cricekt player is known for his mustache – which he had insured for $300,000.

MERV HUGHES is one of those who took out insurance policies on athlete’s body parts

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