11 Countries without Armed Forces

countries without armed forces
Can a country stand on their own without having their own armed forces? Most people believe that a strong nation requires a well-equipped military that will keep them safe and secured against terrorists and assailants. But did you know that some countries do not have their own armed force? Yes, you read it right. Some may wonder how these countries protect their nation in case assailants attack them. Most of these countries without armed forces seek assistance from well-established countries that have strong military units. They either pay or sign a treaty that will let other countries keep their units stay and function in their area.

Countries without Armed Forces

Here are the 11 countries without armed forces. We will thoroughly explain how they manage their military units to ensure that they are not put at risk in spite of their condition. 


Andorra Countries without Armed Forces

Andorra is among the countries that do not have its own armed force, however, the country has signed treaties with France and Spain to keep them safe. They have a small military unit composed of voluntaries, however, these are just for ceremonial parties only. They do have the paramilitary GIPA, Grup d’Intervenció Policia d’Andorra, trained in counter-terrorism and hostage recovery tasks, which is part of the national police.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica countries without armed forces

Since  1949, Costa Rica’s constitution has forbidden the existence of military units. They do have a public security force but this unit is responsible for law enforcement and internal security. Because of their condition, they became the headquarters of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights and the United Nations’ University for Peace.

DominicaDominica countries without armed forces

The country has no standing military unit since 1981. Their Regional Security System is responsible for their defense.

Federated States of Micronesia

federated states of micronesia countries that do not have military

The Federal State of Micronesia never had a military unit since it has been founded. They only permitted to have police who maintain a Maritime Surveillance Unit for internal security. Their defense is handled by the United States under the Compact of Free Association.


Grenada country without military

Because of the American-led invasion, Grenada has no military unit since 1983. Their defense is a responsibility of the Regional Security System. They have a Royal Grenada Police Force that maintains a paramilitary special service unit for internal security purposes.


Liechtenstein country without military force

Because of the needed budget, Liechtenstein has abolished their military unit in 1868. They have a small SWAT and police force who own small arms just to maintain the country’s peace and order.

Marshalls Island

Marshalls Island countries without armed forces

Since the country’s foundation, they have only permitted the operation of police. Their officers own small arms and has a Pacific-class patrol boat called the Lomor. Their defense is part of the responsibilities of the United States, under the Compact of Free Association.


Nauru countries without armed forces

For internal security, Nauru has a large armed and auxiliary police force. However, the country’s defense is Australia’s responsibility under an informal agreement.


Palau countries without armed forces

Palau’s defense assistance is provided by the USA as part of the Compact of Free Association. They have a small  Maritime Surveillance Unit for internal security which is composed of 30 police officers.


samoa countries without military force

New Zealand provides defense to Samoa as part of the 1962 Treaty of Friendship. Samoa has a small police force, and a Maritime Surveillance Unit for internal security.

Vatican City

vatican city countries without armed forces

Vatican is the last on our list of countries without armed forces. The Italian Armed Forces informally protects the city, even if there was no treaty with Italy. The Palatine Guard and Noble Guard were abolished in 1970. What they currently have is the Gendarmerie Corps for internal policing and the Pontificial Swiss Guard that protects the Pope.

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