Celebrity Beauty Secrets: 10 Stars and their Skincare, Hair or Makeup Tips

celebrity beauty secrets
They say that beauty is skin deep but when it comes popular personalities, beauty is not only skin deep but on the surface too. These celebrity beauty secrets may possibly shed some light on why some stars look the way they do.

Emma Watson

Emma Watson eyes
Emma’s eyes are defined well by mascara and liner

Emma on Mascara Mistakes

Nothing worries a woman more than mascara gone wrong.  To remove and hide mascara mistakes, just dip a cotton ball into your foundation and apply it over the mascara runs.

Taylor Swift Blank Space
This screen grab from Taylor Swift’s Blank Space video is a perfect example of mascara runs

Cate Blanchett

At over 40 years old, there is a need to get the right shade in order to have radiant skin.

Cate Blanchett skin
47 years old and still with glowing skin

Add Powder on Tissue

This Australian actress keeps her skin shine free with a little powder added when wiping off oil from the face.

Cate Blanchett and an Emu
Emu oil for skincare?

Oddly, Cate apparently uses emu oil too, based on a post from evoke.ie.

Jennifer Aniston

The key to looking young and staying healthy is to eat more fruits and vegetables.

Jennifer Aniston diet
No wonder why she wears a dress size 4

Royal Jelly for Skin and Hair

When it comes to her hair and skin, she adds a spoonful a day of Royal jelly into her diet.

Royal Jelly for Skin and Hair
You may also take Royal jelly orally in capsule forms

Nicole Kidman

She recommends nature based Australian skincare line, Jurlique, if you want to see an instant skin glow.

Nicole Kidman
Almost 50 but still looking young

Jurlique Nature Based Products

Jurlique is described by Nicole as an emergency solution for a much needed skin complexion boost. The brand does offer products designed to battle signs of aging.

We are in no way promoting this product though.

jurlique antiaging
Australia is a common denominator between Jurlique and Nicole

Taylor Swift

So how do you achieve fuller red lips and make it last longer like Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift red lipstick
Her hit album “Red” is no doubt inspired by these luscious lips, or vice-versa

Lipstick trick to make the color stay on longer

First, you have to put on the red lipstick, blot it with tissue paper, then put powder on the tissue and press it onto your lips. Re-apply lipstick and presto, you have lipstick that will last longer.

Lipstrick trick to make color last longer
Not much of a secret now!

Swift also appears in Forbes Celebrity 100 list of 2016 billionaire stars.

Justin Bieber

Just like any normal teenager, he is conscious when it comes to pimples or acne.

Justin Bieber up close
Justin Bieber up close with pimples visible

Proactiv for Acne

Like any other famous celebrity, he doesn’t want his fans to see him suffering from skin flaws. This is why he uses (or rather, endorses) Proactiv to deal with acne issues, specially during his younger years.

Justin Bieber proactiv
Justin Bieber for Proactiv

Lea Michele

The former Glee star has constant hair worries because of consistent blow drying, straightening, and other styling needed before shooting shows. These naturally cause hair damage including thinning.

Lea Michele hair
Lea Michele have switched from her natural brunette hair color to mahogany and so much more

Dove Hair Care

The Scream Queen mainstay swears that Dove hair care really takes care of hair damage so she can be guilty of styling her hair without worrying about hair damage.

Lea Michele dove hair care
But isn’t prevention better than cure?

Demi Moore

When you are over fifty, surely, skin gets dry.

demi moore up close
Up close, Demi looks younger than her age

Good Skin Care is Better than Makeup

She encourages women to moisturize everyday even if it is very late in the evening. She believes that skin care involves moisturizing always so there’s only a little bit of make up needed.

demi moore on makeup
The Ghost (1990) star still looks hot more than two decades after that blockbuster movie

Miranda Kerr

The former Victoria’s Secret Angel model is against buying expensive beauty products.

Miranda Kerr Victoria's Secret Angels
Born Miranda May Kerr, she was the first ever Australian model who walked the runway for Victoria’s Secret Angels

Spoon to Curl Eyelashes

Kitchen utensil can do tricks.  For example, Kerr apparently uses a spoon to curl her eyelashes.

miranda kerr and evan spiegel
Miranda is dating Evan Spiegel (Snapchat), who is the youngest in the Forbes billionaire list for 2016

Sandra Bullock

She’s no bullocks when it comes to beauty but one of her tricks might look stupid to others.

Sandra Bullock
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for AFI

Preparation H for Eye Bags

She uses Preparation H to prevent lines under her eyes.

A blogger wrote additional uses for this product which I highlighted in this image

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