Captain James Kirk to Helm the Navy’s New Invisible Ship


To go where no man has seen us before.  Or so the saying goes…  610 feet, 15,700 ton (that’s 314,00,000 lbs) of Battleship Destroyer named U.S.S. Zumwalt is set to be commissioned in fall 2016 and make San Diego, CA it’s home port.

The Navy has ordered three of these massive, stealthy ships at the tune of 22.5 billion dollars in total.  The Zumwalt is supposed to herald stealth technology by design which makes the ship seem as if it were a 50-ft boat if one was looking on a radar.

invisible ship

Captain James A. Kirk was handed the keys to the invisible ship and he doesn’t plan to, ‘go where no man has gone before,’ however, he’s ready to test out the waters with his staff of 143 well trained Naval personnel. The Zumwalt is said to require a smaller staff and house more aircraft on the deck.  Dreamed of in the 1990’s the Navy originally had ordered 32 of the large battleships and have since dropped that order down to only 3. It is said to have come with a pricetag of 4.4 billion dollars and the other two set to be built are estimated to cost a remaining 18.1 billion dollars.


The cost vs function debate has already begun relating to the large expense of building the stealthy destroyers.  When a U.S. nuclear submarine costs approximately 2.2 billion and has a direct usefulness in the current wartime atmosphere the U.S.S. Zumwalt has a lot left to prove.

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