Best compact zoom cameras 2020: Pocket-sized gems that don’t skimp on quality


A top compact camera allows you to receive the benefits of DSLR and mirrorless image quality without the burden of carrying it around in a bag or around your neck. 

Since this style of camera is small enough to keep in your back pocket, they make excellent options for those who need to react to shots around them or, simply, those who can’t afford the bulk of other camera types. 

You might be wondering what exactly constitutes a compact camera, though. Well, aside from the size being small, all of these cameras will feature a non-interchangeable lens – either zoom or prime – and typically more of an old-style design.

In this list, we’ll be detailing the best compact cameras with zoom lenses at a range of different price points – read on to discover why you should consider these picks. 

Best compact zoom cameras you can buy

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