Best camera bags 2021: Store your DSLR gear the easy way with a top carry case


Picking up a dedicated camera bag is essential for those who want to protect their gear and easily transport accessories.

While plenty of compact cameras and diminutive mirrorless options don’t really require chunky backpacks, and can typically be stored in holsters or smaller bags, those with a DSLR/SLR need plenty of room.

There may be extra cables, lenses, batteries, SD cards and perhaps even a tripod to keep safe and in one place, which is why finding the right camera bag for your snapper is essential.

In this guide, we’ll be aiming to help you out. As with any purchase, there’s plenty to consider before making a final decision. With camera bags, though, it often just boils down to whether it fits your camera gear, budget and style.

Below, we’ve detailed some of the very best we’ve managed to test out. 

The best camera bags available to buy today

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