Best budget webcams 2020: Top cameras for streamers, working from home and more


Picking up a top webcam is essential for those who want to stream themselves while they game or join in on video calls while working from home – but doing so on a budget is easier said than done. 

While there are plenty of more expensive options for you to pick from, the entry-level and mid-market webcams are much harder to pick between. Many come with near-identical specifications and no distinguishing design to help you decide, which is why we’ve created this guide to some of the best budget devices you can buy. 

The options on this list pretty much shoot exclusively in 1080p HD, but, if we’re honest, unless you’re already deep into your streaming career or want to impress your co-workers with wild resolutions and frame rates, the below picks are more than good enough. They also represent a step-up on a lot of built-in cameras on laptops, so they’re worthy considerations for those looking to upgrade, too. 

Best budget webcams you can buy today

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