Army Veteran Fired After Halting Robbery


Joe Morici is an army veteran who served for over seven years including a tour in Afghanistan. When Morici came back home he was hired at his local CVS in Maryland. Morici was a manager at a CVS in Prince George’s County when he was brutally confronted by two robbers who intended to steal narcotics from the store’s pharmacy.

Instead of hiding or letting the robbers get away, Morici instantly sprang into action.

Morici immediately told cashiers to call 911 and even helped an elderly man out of the store first before he locked all the doors- preventing the two suspects from fleeing the scene.

He then confronted them.

Chuck Hernandez was a witness during the robbery and described the scene,

“The two kids ran into the door, which was closed now, and Joe got one them and had him”.

“The kid had said to his partner, ‘Shoot him’…And then Joe said, ‘I’ve been in the military far too long. You don’t have anything!”

It turned out that the robbers did not have a gun after all.

Morici admits,

“I didn’t really know that they didn’t have one. I just kind of assumed”.

With this great heroic deed instead of being honored by his company,

he was fired!

Shortly after the incident, Morici’s boss was on the scene and terminated Morici for his actions.

According to CVS, Morici was fired due to their company policy that forbids employees to confront criminals.

However Morici didnt stay unemployed long.

Once his story spread, he got an amazing amount of attention for his heroic actions.

He even landed a job as a government contractor!

Morici commented on his experience:

“I didn’t think anything worse could happen. When you lose your one source of income and you have to pay for your car, your mortgage, your apartment, everything, I was like ‘Oh God what am I going to do?’ and out of nowhere there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.”


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