Army Vet Beaten With His Own Walker In WalMart Parking Lot!


What Happened

Jeffery Hardeman is an Army veteran who was peacefully making his way to Wal-Mart using his walker Friday. In the Wal-Mart parking lot, the 66-year-old veteran was brutally attacked and even beaten with his own walker.

The suspect repeatedly punched Hardeman in the back of the head, rib cage, and face. He then proceeded to run off with the veteran’s wallet and walker.

“He grabbed me around the neck and he started choking me punching me in the side and the head grabbing for my stuff,” Hardeman said. “Then he threw me to the ground.  Then he took my walker and started hitting me with the walker, then ran with the walker and took off.”

The attack took place in broad daylight in St. Petersburg.


Still On The Loose

At this point, Hardeman has described the suspect as a black male in his early 30’s. After running from the scene, the suspect was seen diving into a blue Dodge Durango.

Unfortunately the St. Petersburg Police Department do not have the suspect in custody.

“I won’t be going out at night, or by myself,” Hardeman said. “I’m praying they will be caught, you know. If they did this to me, they’ll do it to someone else.”

There were multiple witnesses in the parking lot. Many of them yelled at the robber to let Hardeman go.

Live cameras also recorded the entire incident.

“They are crazy to do it, and to hurt people, you know?” Hardeman said. “If they think they can do it once, they can do it again. But eventually, one way, they will get caught.”

Since the incident, Hardeman has switched to using a cane. However it is not because it is easier to get around.

“I’m much more comfortable with a cane because at least I have something to defend myself with now,” Hardeman said.

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