What Happened

64-year old Army deserter Roy Lee Ross Jr. is in some serious trouble after defrauding the U.S. Department of Veteran’s Administration.   Ross is now facing up to 35 years in prison as well as a maximum $1,500,000 fine for pretending to be ‘Daniel Alfred Sullivan Jr.’ and seeking benefits under his military career.


Ross did join the Army in 1973 but he went AWOL and a ‘Deserter Verification’ was issued for him.  When he returned, he asked to be released from military duty and to not be ‘dishonorably discharged’.  Ross was severed from the Armed Forces with an ‘Other than Honorable’ discharge.  It wasn’t until 2007 that Ross, pretending to be ‘Daniel Alfred Sullivan Jr.’ returned to the Veteran’s Administration and sought a diagnosis and restitution for his nightmares from experiencing war.

VA treatment facility

The Scam Continues

The V.A. then diagnosed Sullivan with PTSD which is when Ross began receiving free health benefits from the V.A.  In 2012, Ross returned to the V.A. and went further with his deceit.

According to the indictment issued against him, “…based on the PTSD diagnosis and other  multiple false statements regarding his military service, including his fake injuries, honors and medals received, Ross filed for, and was granted, disability-based compensation at a rate of 60 percent. He was given a retroactive lump sum of $18,349 and started receiving a monthly tax-free compensation of $1,026, the indictment says”


But, Ross wasn’t done yet.  It seemed to easy for him.  In 2014, he applied for even more compensation for his faked injuries and stolen persona.  This time for injuries he suffered to his neck during combat.  He was awarded a tax free compensation check of $1,743 every month.


Can you believe he tried it again in 2015?  He was successful in increasing the benefits he would receive every month.  At this point, he was issued $2,906.83 a month.


Ross has been charged with theft equaling over $150,000 in fraudulent benefits, services and cash payments.

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