Armed Assailant Killed in German Cinema


It has been reported that a masked assailant attacked a German cinema on Thursday.

The unnamed attacker entered a movie theater in Viernheim with a rifle at around 3 pm.

german cinema

A German news station reported that the assailant has been shot dead by special forces and that about 25 individuals were injured during the incident.

It was not made clear if any of the individuals had been shot or perhaps were injured due to tear gas used by special forces in order to squelch the situation.

A German official was quoted saying,

“There were hostages in the vicinity of the individual. It was at this point that he was fatally shot by special forces…I have no knowledge that anyone else was harmed”.

german cinema


The motive for the attack is still a mystery at this point.

American police have repeatedly warned Germany, that it could be potentially targeted by ISIS especially after Germany took in more than 1 million refugees last year.

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