American Father and Sons Join Fight Against ISIS


An American father and sons, all three combat veterans, traveled to Iraq last week to join the fight against ISIS terrorists. “ISIS has threatened our nation and us individually. They came out and said every military member needs to watch out because we are coming for you. We are Marines. We are going to bring the fight to them.” Before the father and sons left to join Peshmerga soldiers in their fight against the Islamic State terrorists, they sat down for an interview with Fox News. A video of that interview is shared in the story below.

The American father and sons wanted their families and friends at home, along with the American public, to understand that their reasons for joining the fight against ISIS was not out of bloodlust, but instead for honorable reasons. “We are out there to protect and serve, and not just serving the United States, but people, humanity. Being a good person. We have the capabilities to protect others and that is what we are about.”

Family of Marines Join Fight Against ISIS

Note: The men asked for their last name to be withheld for security reasons and to protect their military families at home.

Harry M, 49, was a US Marine, a police officer and an Army National Guardsman who served several tours of duty in Iraq during the most recent war, including as a sniper team leader.

When his two sons, 29-year-old Josh and 23-year-old James, recently came to him saying they were planning to travel to northern Iraq to join the regional Peshmerga forces in their struggle against ISIS, the retired Marine said he knew at once he could not let them go alone.

‘I’ve got over 20 years experience and I thought to myself, “I got two boys going, there is no way they are going without me,”‘ Harry M, told Fox News during a recent interview just hours before the three men boarded a flight to Iraq.

Father and Sons Discuss Joining Fight Against ISIS

Other Americans Joining Fight Against ISIS

The Daily Mail reported that the American father and sons travelling overseas to fight ISIS is being partially sponsored by a non-profit organization called Humanitarian Defense Abroad, which was started by a retired Marine.

The family of three are not the only Americans fighting jihadist forces alongside Kurds. According to a recent report by the citizen journalism site Bellingcat, at least 108 Americans from 31 states have traveled to Iraq and Syria to fight ISIS.

More than two thirds of the US fighters have prior military experience, but they come from all walks of life. The majority of the volunteers are in their 20s and 30s, but there are some in their 50s and early 60s as well.

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