Fingerprint Smart Lock


You certainly have many smart locks to choose from and almost all of them do a great job protecting your home and keeping your family safe, but you might be asking yourself what the next evolution of smart locks is. Because, well, they all pretty much offer the same features these days.

Open the Door With Your Finger

Well, the Fingerprint Smart Lock is the next generation of smart locks and takes these devices to the next level.

This lock goes the extra mile by letting you enter your home using your fingerprint. You don’t need keys or passwords. Just use your fingerprint to unlock your door. That means no more struggling with keys and no more having to remember passwords. You just use what nature gave you. Even if your hands are full, you will gain entry easily. It is pretty much the most convenient way to enter your home ever.

You can also open the door with the remote control or Bluetooth via your smartphone if you like. It’s hard to believe that smart locks could get any better, but here we are. You decide who is allowed in your home based on their fingerprints. The Welock can store 999 fingerprints in all. So get your family and friends in the system and grant them access. You can grant access to others or control the lock through the mobile app too.

This smart lock is fully compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa as well. This device uses 3 AAA batteries which will last for over a year. The company says that it offers bank-grade security.

A smart lock with smart features.

It installs Easily

There are many features to love here and in the event that someone tries to break in, the can automatically lock a stranger out. Installation takes just a few minutes and it is easy to use. It installs just as easily as putting in a new door knob. It is a great addition to your home security system.

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