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BuiltUSA is your trusted, unbiased source for military news, updates and stories involving our active duty military and veterans from all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces. On our blog, you will find a wide-range of topics which affect the brave women and men who defend our freedom, the veterans who have served our great country, and the military families who support our heroes.

We’ll cover and deliver breaking military news, inspirational stories of our wounded veterans, first-hand accounts of military happenings, global security updates, military events, and more. We’ll talk politics, go on rants, express our opinions (And more importantly, let you express yours), post photos and videos, swap stories, and share a few laughs. BuiltUSA will be a mix of the serious and the not-so-serious. The BuiltUSA military blog will be your visual, informational, inspirational and educational one-stop shop for all things military.

Most importantly, it is not our mission to make BuiltUSA about us. Instead, it is about you – our readers, our veterans, our active duty military, and our military spouses, friends and loved ones. We invite you to contact us and share your stories, photos and videos, news and anything else you think will be helpful to our readers. We also invite you to participate in our forums where you can connect and discuss topics that matter to others just like you.

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