A Look Back at the Insane ‘Rambo’ Series Plotline Over the Years


Is there anything more legendary than the Rambo series? (Rhetorical question.)

Rambo: Last Blood is hitting theaters Sept. 20. This time around, Sylvester Stallone‘s retired and working on a ranch in the Southwestern United States. But when a friend’s daughter gets kidnapped, Rambo gets back in the action, facing off against a dangerous Mexican drug cartel.

Here’s a refresher on the franchise’s totally insane plot over the years.

First Blood (1982)

Vietnam vet John Rambo escapes jail and stages a one-man revenge war against a local police force.

First Blood Part II (1985)

Rambo, behind bars, accepts a mission to Vietnam in exchange for his freedom, then ends up freeing some long-lost U.S. POWs, because of course.

Rambo III (1988)

Rambo is building a temple (naturally) when he learns he must go save his mentor in Afghanistan.

Rambo (2008)

Rambo kills a bunch of pirates and really freaks out some missionaries.

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