9/11 Memorial Motorcycle Ride Comes To An Unfortunate End


The Annual Ride

Every year a giant group of motorcyclists get together and ride to the three different Sept. 11 crash site. Through this ride they are able to raise funds . Unfortunately the leaders of this annual ride have announced that unfortunately this year’s ride might be their last.

The responsible nonprofit for this event is known as America’s 911 Foundation. The organization’s founder, Ted Sjurseth, admits that he is absolutely tired of battling Maryland and Virginia state police each year. Each year he must get with these authorities in order to block Washington- area traffic for more than 1,200 motorcycles.

Sjurseth says that the authorities sheer reluctance has made the event planning for the ride nearly impossible.

The authorities simply responded that although they do support all 9/11 events, they have a duty to maintain safe traffic flow in any congested regions.

Many of the ride’s issue are related to initial part of their trip. When riders make their annual travel from Shanksville, Pennsylvania to Arlington, Virginia, congestion is definitely an issue. Officials say that in the past it has caused up to a 10-mile backup which stalls countless commuters near the Pentagon.

Coming To An End…

Maryland State Police spokesman Greg Shipley said,

“Complaints are received every year”.

Sjurseth thinks that instead of complaining, these commuters should reflect on the lives lost during the 2001 terrorist attack and the incredible sacrifices that the first responders made.

“…instead of flipping them the bird, think about your security,” Sjurseth said.

The foundation has raised $500,000 for police equipment and $330,000 for scholarships for first- responder families.

Even so, the Maryland State Police now completely ignore Sjurseth’s calls.

“It was like, ‘We do this for you. We have the highest regard for you,’ and it’s sad when it comes down to that,” Sjurseth said.

The foundation is now looking into alternative ways to raise funds.

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