9 Movie Mistakes Screen Writers May Have Missed

movie mistakes
Screenwriters have an important role – to avoid movie mistakes! Just kidding! The truth is, their role is to give us an engaging story line that the director and actors/actresses can weave into a very entertaining film. However, there are some writers who probably cut short their time for research – leading to some mistakes in the movie. You can miss some of them but if you are a keen observer and you know your facts, you will not be fooled.

Here are 9 of the movie mistakes that can probably be blamed on the screenwriter.

The Aviator

In this scene, the character of Leonardo DiCaprio, Howard Hughes, is seen ordering chocolate chip cookies over the phone. The thing is, this movie supposedly happened in 1928 – a few years before the first choco chip cookies were baked.

aviator movie mistakes

The Green Mile

Just like in the movie The Aviator, this movie blunder is probably the fault of the writers. In The Green Mile, John Coffey was sentenced to die through the electric chair. This supposedly happened in 1935 in Louisiana. If you check the facts, the state did not use the electric chair until the 1940s.

the green mile movie mistakes

Saving Private Ryan

The scene where Captain Miller (Tom Hanks) lean against a Ural M-63 motorcycle seems innocent enough. But if you look at the timeline of the movie, you will realize that this type of motorcycle was not yet available. It was actually produced two decades later.

saving private ryan movie mistakes


In another movie with Leonardo DiCaprio, his character, Jack Dawson of the Titanic, reminisced a story where he went fishing in Lake Wissota with his father. Seems like a great story – but the dam that created the lake was built in 1917 – which was 5 years after the Titanic sank.

titanic movie mistakes


This is actually a simple one and we forgive you for missing it. If you remember, the character of Russell Crowe was called the ‘spaniard.’ The truth is, nobody used this term during this era. It was thousands of years after when the term was first used.

gladiator movie mistakes


If you mention the movie Braveheart, the first image that will come to mind is that of Mel Gibson wearing a kilt. Right? Well, that is actually the movie mistake that the screenwriter committed. William Wallace lived during the 1300s. The invention of the kilt was during the 16th century.

braveheart movie mistakes

Malcolm X

Yes, even Malcolm X committed some movie mistakes. In the movie, there is a scene where he asks someone to call 911. This part of the movie supposedly happened in the early 60s. They established 911 exactly in 1967. This is two years after the real Malcolm X was assassinated.

malcolm x movie mistakes


The mighty 300 movie also have a couple of movie mistakes. The movie was set in 480 BCE. If you remember, Xerxes ordered his army to bomb their enemies. This makes us wonder if the Persians really invented the black powder that made bombs explode. Because as far as our history tells us, this was invented by the Chinese in the 9th century CE.

300 movie mistakes

Gone With The Wind

While we love this movie and will forgive any movie mistake that it commits, we just cannot pass this one up. See the image? Look at what the woman is holding – an electric lamp with a cord! They set the movie to 1939 but electricity was not yet available during that time.

gone with the wind movie mistakes

We admire the creativity of the screenwriters of the movie. However, we hope they put more effort in researching their facts – even if films are supposed to be fictional.

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