7 Must-Have Picks from Todd Snyder’s Spring Collection 2019


The thing about Todd Snyder clothing is not only does it look great, it’s also extremely well-crafted. Much of it’s made from fantastic materials and clever patterns you just don’t see anywhere else. From supple chinos to killer blazers to Todd’s legendary collaborations, this is couture that’s not just stylish, but made for everyday. It’s affordable, too. And you wouldn’t have to look hard to find gear that’s far more costly and not nearly as high quality. It’s quality fashion made for the modern guy.

Todd Snyder

We found a ton of gear that’s new for 2019 we’d love to own. The new stuff in the 2019 Champion collab jumps off the home page, as do great kicks and even a Charlie Brown watch at half price.

There’s even an entire section of the site dedicated to brands, where you’ll discover great curated collections from legendary fashion names such as Blundstone, Filson, and Red Wing to respected newcomers such as Mack Weldon and Scosha.

So check out some of these great picks for spring.

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