7 Best Parks in Broomfield, Colorado


If you are planning a trip to Colorado, one place you may not have thought to visit is Broomfield. Broomfield, Colorado is adjacent to Weld County in the northeast, Adams County in the southeast, Jefferson County in the southwest, and Boulder County in the northwest. Broomfield is a quick ten-minute drive to Boulder and is only twenty minutes from nearby Denver, making it an ideally located city. Behind Denver, Broomfield is the second most densely populated county in Colorado.

When looking at all of the activities and amenities offered within Broomfield, it is easy to see why so many people want to call this piece of Colorado home. Broomfield possesses three golf courses, many hiking and bike trails, restaurants, movie theaters, a variety of shops, and a concert venue that offers access to some of the world’s best musicians. One of the biggest draws of the Broomfield area is the number of beautiful and well-maintained local parks. If you are looking to experience some of Broomfield’s best parks, the first step is to research some of the most highly rated and regarded parks in the area. To help you understand some of the best parks in the area, we have compiled a list of the seven best parks in Broomfield, Colorado. Below are our picks for the top parks in Broomfield, Colorado.

1. Midway Park

Midway Park is regarded as one of the best parks in the Broomfield, Colorado area. Midway Park is where Broomfield Days is held each year and is also home to the Girl Scout Shelter. Midway Park offers expansive grassy areas, picnic tables, a pond, a stream, a sensory playground, and beautiful surrounding trees. For those looking to barbecue during the warm months, Midway Park offers a barbeque grill. If you want a beautiful location to go for a walk, Midway Park is also equipped with trails. In addition to these features, Midway Park also offers a baseball field, basketball court, disk golf area, and soccer field.

2. Brandywine Park

Another local favorite is Brandywine Park. Brandywine Park offers an expansive open grass area, perfect for getting outdoors to do bodyweight exercises. In addition, Brandywine Park also is equipped with a playground, making it an excellent destination for some relaxed, family time. For those looking to be more active, Brandywine park also has a soccer field, softball field, and tennis court. At Brandywine Park, there is something for everyone.

3. Highland Park South

If you are looking for a beautiful local park in Broomfield, Colorado, one worth checking out is Highland Park South. With ample off street parking, getting to this park is easy. Highland Park South comes equipped with a soccer field, perfect for athletes to train at or to play with children on. In addition, Highland Park South also features a large, open grass area, picnic shelter, and picnic tables.

4. Broomfield County Commons Park

Broomfield County Commons Park, known by some locals as Broomfield Commons, is packed with beneficial features. Among its many features include is fifteen playing fields, including soccer, two playgrounds, a pavilion, and five picnic huts. In addition, Broom County Commons Park also possesses an artificial turf Championship Field, which is ideal for many recreational sports. For dog lovers, Broomfield County Commons Park also has a dog park to allow your dog to play and run. Within the Broomfield County Commons Park three hundred acre site is the Paul Derda Recreation Center, the County Commons cemetery, 237 acres of open space, and an 80 acre sports/park complex.

5. Crofton Park

If you are looking for a park surrounded by beautiful trees, look no further than Crofton Park, Broomfield CO. With an expansive, open grass area that is ideal for many uses and well-maintained sidewalks surrounding the park, Crofton Park is a great green space.

6. Quail Creek Park

Located just north of King Soopers at 136th and Zuni is Quail Creek Park. For those who enjoy hiking and walking, Quail Creek Park possesses trails that connect to Broomfield’s trail system. In addition, Quail Creek Park offers visitors access to a soccer field, softball field, picnic shelter, picnic tables, a playground, a baseball field, and a barbeque.

7. Emerald Park

Emerald Park is comprised of seven acres which contain a ballfield, basketball court, benches, open fields, a horseshoe pit, picnic tables, and a playground. In addition to this, Emerald Park possesses trails that go through the park and follow the stream. These trails lead all the way to Community Park on one end and Midway Park on the other end.


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