6 Reasons to Buy an Apple Mac Instead of a Windows PC


Remember the 90s when Windows was the talk of the town? Computers were synonymous with the Windows PC. Nobody took the Macintosh as seriously back then. Offices began being stacked up with Windows PCs, and the world started to transform rapidly to the digital platform.

Microsoft was making headlines; people were starting to learn how to use these machines, while it’s rival were nowhere. However, the tables have turned now!

So if you’re on the search to get yourself the best laptop or a computer and wondering whether to buy a Mac or Windows PC, the short answer is Mac. Why? Apple has enjoyed a long time of secure computing reputation. Macs are very secure when it comes to malware and viruses.

However, it is important to mention that this does not eliminate the need for a safe Mac VPN. A VPN masks your original IP with a virtual location and encrypts the contents of your web traffic.

It’s not just about the performance. There is a lot more than you can get when you jump in for the Apple experience. Times have changed, and the once shy and quiet Apple has shaken the entire digital world. Its phones, computers, tablets, and watches have created a cult following, thanks to their late founder and CEO, Steve Jobs.

Buying a Mac

So you’ve decided, you want to buy a Mac. What do you do? Run down to the Apple Store? Not necessarily. If you look in a broader sense Apple’s key success lies in the fact that it’s dedicated to providing exceptional user experience, be it the products or the support.

1.      Macs are incredibly easy to purchase

Simply head to Apple’s website and go to the Macs section, scroll through a huge range of products. Compare devices and choose the right one for you.

Buying a PC can be extremely difficult if you don’t have the right technological knowledge, choosing configurations and the hardware can be a daunting task. One reason is that only Apple makes its Macs, while there are a ton of companies that sell Windows PC and hardware.

2.      Customize are per your own needs

Are you a real tech junkie? Need your computer to run on your own configurations? Worry not! Apple offers you to configure your Mac as

per your needs as well. You can choose the below-mentioned configurations and make the device of your dreams, and everything can be done online.

  1. Processor
  2. Memory
  3. Graphics
  4. Storage
  5. Magic Mouse or Trackpad
  6. VESA Mount Adapter Kit
  7. Pre-Installed Software

3. Need to get your Mac repaired? Get official help!

Mac stores feature an amazing concept called the “Genius Bar.” The “Genius Bar” takes care of all your repairing need and that too as soon as possible. The best part is that Apple trained technicians repair them so you can be assured the repairing will be done perfectly.

When it comes to Windows, there are no dedicated official repair stores. You might end up paying too much or putting your device in inexperienced hands which can ruin your computer.

When I had to hit, “Genius Bar” for my iPhone’s broken screen, they offered me a temporary iPhone while mine was getting repaired. It hardly took 2 days!

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4. Amazing User Experience!!!

When Apple introduced the iPhone, its main objective was to provide a seamless application programming interface so that the user experience is at its highest.

Remember when Steve Jobs put every other phone to shame on the release of the first iPhone? The company is focused on creating devices that are extremely powerful yet extremely easy to use.

Unlike the Windows operating system, which is filled with useless bloatware, Macs are relatively cleaner and not filled with useless bloatware. Macs provide the user with a better and smoother experience.

5. Integrative range of products

Over the years Apple has become more than a simple cellphone and computer manufacturer to becoming a lifestyle.

The range of products it offers all integrate, the Apple watch can be connected to your iPhone. The Air Pods can be connected to any Apple device and so is the case with its Home Pods which provide superior quality sound.

Such a family of integrated devices is missing in Windows.

6. Breathtakingly beautiful displays

As per Apple, the Retina display produced by its products are so sharp that it is not

possible for the human eye to discern the individual pixels.

Such a powerful display means you will get a visual experience which is beyond your expectations! The term Retina display is itself coined by Apple.

Retina display enables you to watch videos and photos in high quality. However, if the display is one of your key concern, then go for the latest versions of Mac.


There is no doubt in the fact that Apple is one of the most revolutionary companies that changed the entire technological landscape, with no limitations. It has produced a vast variety of products that go together. Furthermore, today Apple screens and systems are being installed in cars, and the company is also in stages of producing automobiles.

Comparing Apples with Apples (pun intended), if seamless experience and quality are your top priorities, there is no better choice than getting a Mac.

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