6.2 Magnitude Italy Earthquake [17 Photos]

New day, new hope Italy earthquake

The devastating Italy earthquake has killed hundreds of people last August 24, 2016.

Italy Earthquake Epicenter
A 6.2 magnitude earthquake hit Central Italy, recording its epicenter close to Accumoli. The tragedy has caused 292 deaths, 400 wounded and about dozens more were missing. According to reports, the towns of Amatrice, Accumoli, and the villages of Arquata del Tronto and Pescara del Tronto were seriously damaged. Many have lost their families, homes, and properties.

According to experts, the main reason why the Italy earthquake has caused serious damages was the fact that about 70% of their buildings did not pass the anti-seismic standards. More lives will be taken away in the future if these houses will not be built to surpass earthquakes. These places have an active fault line.

Italy government is currently imposing a law that will be helping the residents to have a quake-resistant home. About 65% of their expenses over 10 years will be reimbursed to the property and home owners. However, the economic stagnation has been preventing these residents from saving ample money in order for them to make such solution possible.

Major earthquakes in the Italy are commonly followed by lawsuits being filed against architects, engineers, developers, and officials who are responsible for keeping their place safe to reside in. During an earthquake in 2009, there are 6 geologists who had to face legal cases as they fail to inform the public beforehand about the tragedy.

Italy’s government has vouched to help the seriously disaster-struck area. They have released €50 million ($56.5 million).

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