4th of July Reminder – Fireworks may Trigger PTSD for Some Veterans


A quick reminder about fireworks and our veterans. Let’s not forget our military veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder this 4th of July. Coping with the triggers caused by unexpected loud bangs is an unfortunate byproduct of the days surrounding this holiday for many of our combat veterans with PTSD.

Remember, these veterans the reason why we are able to continue to celebrate our freedom. Please show some courtesy to your neighbors who are military veterans if you see a sign like the one above and in the video below in a veteran’s yard. All they ask is that you let them know you will be setting off fireworks. It’s really not too much to ask for all they have done for each of us.

As Shawn Gourley, a Navy spouse and co-founder of the non-profit group Military with PTSD told the Washington Post, “The purpose of these signs is not to stop fireworks, no veteran wants that. It’s the days leading up to and the days leading away from July 4th, when it’s unexpected, that’s what the problem is.”

Veterans Coping with Fireworks on 4th of July


Want to enjoy some firepower and fireworks – U.S. Military Style – this holiday weekend? Check out these military videos.

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