25 Athletes Stripped Of Their Medals For Doping

lance armstrong

The goal in any sport is to win medals. This is the highest accolade an athlete can receive. It is a symbol of their dominance in the sport that they trained for with so much discipline and hard work. It is a reward for all the time and effort that they placed into being good at their chosen sport.

There is no question that receiving a medal can be the pinnacle of a sporting journey for some athletes.

This is why having even one medal stripped off an athlete can be very painful. However, when a rule is broken, the governing body has to take action. When the athlete who won is proven to have taken forbidden drugs, that could have given them an unfair advantage over their opponent. Although they worked hard for the medal, the other athlete probably deserved it more.

Here are some of the athletes stripped of their medals because they used banned substances prior to the event.

2012 London Games

Soslan Tigiev

soslan-tigiev is one of the athletes whose medals were stripped due to doping

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