20 Celebrities With Adorable Pets

Have you seen the adorable pets of celebrities? With their busy schedules, you would not think that these celebrities have time to take care of pets.

But come to think of it, maybe these pets are what they need to keep their sanity. Sometimes, the life of these celebrities can be unbearable as they work ungodly hours and get followed around by the paparazzi. These innocent souls may be what they need to keep themselves grounded after working in such a crazy industry.

Here are some of the celebrities and their adorable pets.

Ariana Grande

Here is her “woman’s best friend.”

Ariana Grande has an adorable pet

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds is proud of his dog Billie – here they are with Nick White, Off Leash K9 dog trainer.

Ryan Reynolds has an adorable pet


Oprah hiking with here babies.

Oprah has an adorable pet