9 People Focused On Helping Veteran Finances

Soldiers are trained to be tough – until they have to deal with veteran finances.

The truth is, this is the area where most of our military servicemembers are having trouble with. Considering the fact that they are willing to sacrifice their lives for our country, they deserve all the help they can get in areas where they are most struggling with – one of which includes veteran finances.

Fortunately, there are people dedicated to helping these brave soldiers. Here are some of them.

1. Kyle Smolek

veteran finances Kyle Smolek

Kyle grew up in a financially responsible household – thanks to his father. While serving in the military, he observed that a lot of them talked about dubious investment opportunities. This is why he is driven to share his financial knowledge to them by conducting sessions on finance and one-on-one counseling. He believes that financial literacy is one of the ways military service members can avoid making financial mistakes. Kyle teaches budgeting, retirement investing and debt management. He is not after making clients millionaires. He wants them to be free of the constant stress that is associated with personal finances and retirement planning.

2. Nicole Mandeville

veteran finances Nicole Mandeville

This former Army Reservist is passionate about empowering women in the military – specifically when it comes to making better financial decisions. Nicole believes those in the military should not be unemployed – after all the sacrifices they did for the military. She got a 25% pay cut as a banker just so she can educate military women about financial resources and personal finances. She sought out ex-members of the military to encourage them to take her free financial classes. These classes meant to help them take their financial position to the next level. At the moment, she is working for the Illinois Department of Veterans’ Affairs as the Associate Director.

3. Holly Petraeus

veteran finances Holly Petraeus

Holly Petraeus swore to protect the wallets of those who are putting their lives on the line to protect us. As the wife of a General, she moved her family 24 times in the last 37 years. During that time, she observed how military families are targeted and ripped off. Her focus is on helping military families avoid abusive and deceptive recruitment practices (e.g. schools). Not only that, she tracks scammers who are known to target servicemembers. Catching these deceptive individuals and businesses motivates her everyday. She believes that financial problems can affect the concentration of military men and women – and that can cost them something as valuable as their life.