2014 Veterans Day Restaurant Specials for Vets and Active Military


Many restaurants will offer 2014 Veterans Day specials for former and active military members. Each year the list of dining establishments offering discounted meals, special promotions and even free meals seems to grow. Will you be going out to eat and taking advantage of these business’s generosity this 2014 Veterans Day?

Some of the more well-known restaurants offering military discounts this year include: Applebee’s, Denny’s, Hooters, LongHorn Steakhouse, StarBucks, Outback Steakhouse, Max & Erma’s, Krispy Kreme and many more.

Golden Corral 2014 Veterans Day Meal

Golden Corral, a long time supporter of those who serve and have served in the United States Military, will offer a free meal to veterans, retired military, those currently serving, and individuals in the National Guard or Reserves a week after 2014 Veterans Day on November 17.

The 14th annual Golden Corral Military Appreciation Monday has been a huge success. According to the restaurant’s website, “Golden Corral restaurants have served over 4.1 million free ‘thank you’ meals to our heroes in the military over the past 13 years.”

More 2014 Veterans Day Restaurant Info

Most restaurants offering Veterans Days discounts, promotions or free meals to former and active duty military require you to provide proof of military service. Golden Corral is an exception to that rule.

Also, make sure to check with the restaurant location you plan on visiting to make sure they are participating. As many of the larger businesses are franchieses, the owners may not be participating or may be offering something different than being advertised by their headquarters.

We found a great resource for veterans and active military members to discover what restaurants are showing their appreciation to our military community on Veterans Day 2014.

Visit the MilitaryWallet.com to stay up to date on special deals and also to find out what type of military id you may need to present to receive those deals.

A Quick Opinion from BuiltUSA Re: Veterans Day and Special Promotions

Here at BuiltUSA, we often hear grumbling about how our brave military servicemembers – former and active – should be thanked more than just one day a year. We agree! However, we also think that when businesses advertise specials like we will see on this 2014 Veterans Day, it does raise awareness.

It is up to each of us to continue to make sure that our veterans, military servicemembers and military families are recognized for their service and sacrifices. We should all thank these brave heroes each and every day. But we should also thank and support those businesses who show their appreciation for our military women and men as well.

If you feel as strongly as we do here at BuiltUSA, here’s a thought. The next time you are out to eat and see someone from our military – buy their meal and tell them thank you. It doesn’t have to be Veterans Day. There are 364 other days each year you can make a difference and show your appreciation.

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