2009 Fort Hood Victims will Receive Military Benefits

First responders use a table as a stretcher to transport a wounded Soldier to an awaiting ambulance at Fort Hood, Nov. 5.

The U.S. Army orders financial benefits for 2009 Fort Hood victims. Last week we reported that while the Fort Hood attack survivors received Purple Hearts, there were reports that the Army was still denying these victims their military benefits. Now the AP is reporting that “Dozens of soldiers and surviving family members of the 2009 Fort Hood shooting are receiving additional Army pay that they felt was long overdue.”

For years, the Army said they would not give Purple Hearts to Fort Hood victims as the attack was an act of workplace violence. Army officials, possibly feeling pressure from U.S. lawmakers, did an about face and categorized the attack as an act of terrorism. Even though there were many strong opinions against awarding the 2009 Fort Hood victims, that ceremony did take place recently.

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2009 Fort Hood Survivor Fights for Military Benefits

It was while reporting on the ceremony for the victims of the deadly 2009 Fort Hood attack that we learned of the story of Retired Staff Sgt. Shawn Manning, who was shot six times by Maj. Nidal Hasan in the Fort Hood attack.

Manning told Fox News, “It sounds like there’s going to be some more fighting ahead of us with the Army, at least in regards to benefits.”

The reason Manning and others were being denied the benefits they thought they deserved – the Army claimed the injuries were not combat related.

Now, once again, it looks like the Army is changing course on that decision. Army Sec. John McHugh recently announced that the Purple Heart recipients will receive extra hostile fire pay and other compensation.

The AP reported that there was also another group of soldiers who had an ongoing lawsuit with the government seeking even more money that they feel they deserve.

What are your thoughts on this subject? Do you think the Army should have reversed its decision to give the 2009 Fort Hood victims the Purple Heart and/or hostile fire pay and other compensation?

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