20 Athlete Monikers And The Surprising Stories Behind Them

Karl Malone has an athlete moniker
Athlete monikers usually have a story behind them. It usually tells us something about an athlete’s history, current situation or their talent.

Here are 20 global sports figures and the story behind their equally famous nicknames.

Money (Floyd Mayweather)

Well, he is rich. If you follow him on social media, you will notice that he displays to the world his wealth. Being the top-paid athlete in the world, he is reported to be worth $300 million. He manages his own finances and thus gets all the sponsorships and profits.

Floyd Mayweather has an athlete moniker

The Rocket (Roger Clemens)

He is known for his blazing fastball and splitter. This also made him known as a strikeout machine – with 4,672 career strikeouts.

Roger Clemens has an athlete moniker

Megatron (Calvin Johnson Jr)

Megatron refers to the cheat code and a freak athlete in a fantasy football game. But Calvin is also known to be a Transformer on the gridiron – leading the league with 1,681 yards in reception back in 2011 and 1,984 yards in 2012.

Calvin Johnson Jr has an athlete moniker

Iron Mike (Mike Tyson)

He is known for his powerful punches that is combined with accuracy and a great defensive stance. This is why a lot of his fellow boxers feared him. He won 26 of his first 28 fights and 16 of these ended in the first round. He was the youngest heavyweight champion at 20 years old.

Mike Tyson has an athlete moniker

The Legion of Boom (Seattle Seahawks Secondary)

This is a group of 4 people, Richard Sherman (outspoken cornerback), Earl Thomas III (free safety), Kam Chancellor (hard hitting strong safety), and Brandon Browner (secondary cornerback). They are known to wreak havoc for passing offenses in the NFL in 2014. They walk with a swagger – revealing that they know they are the best in the league.

Seattle Seahawks has an athlete moniker

King James (Lebron James)

With the way he dominated in every position in basketball, who can deny this man royalty? He is considered to be one of the best players in the league and is often compared to his Airness Michael Jordan.

Lebron James has an athlete moniker

The Black Mamba (Kobe Bryant)

Although he gave himself this nickname after watching the monie “Kill Bill” you cannot doubt that this moniker fits him. In the movie, the black mamba referred to an agile and aggressive assassin. In the court, you can say that Kobe was also an assassin in the way he played the game. He is as cold-blooded as the venomous snake just as lethal.

Kobe Bryant has an athlete moniker

The Great One– (Wayne Gretzky)

A lot of people believe that he is the best hockey player. With 60 records in the NHL, that cannot be contested. In one season, he was able to score 92 goals and give 163 assists in another. He totaled 894 goals and 1,963 assists in his entire career. If that does not make him great, then what will?

Wayne Gretzky has an athlete moniker

The Answer (Allen Iverson)

During his years with the Philadelphia team, many thought of him as the answer to their prayers. He was a one-man team as he led the 76ers to the NBA finals. He is one of those great players who never experienced a championship – not that he did not deserve it.

Allen Iverson has an athlete moniker

The Mailman (Karl Malone)

In the court, he was the forward who always delivered – especially when it counted the most. Need we say more?

Karl Malone has an athlete moniker

Beastmode (Marshawn Lynch)

This moniker fits – thanks to the wild look partnered with a wild style and predator-like demeanor. He was compared to a beast because of his ability to play a full game and still have the strength to take his performance to the next level.

Marshawn Lynch has an athlete moniker

Big Papi (David Ortiz)

His intimidating and dominating stature makes this a perfect nickname for him. This is why he is one of the best hitters during his time.

David Ortiz has an athlete moniker

The Real Deal (Evander Holyfield)

He is the only 5-time heavyweight champion in the world. And it rhymes with his name. Makes sense right?

Evander “The Real Deal” Holyfield has an athlete moniker

The Iron Horse (Lou Gehrig)

This huge guy was always present in all his games. If it weren’t for his ALS condition, people would doubt that he was even human.

Lou Gehrig has an athlete moniker

Dr J (Julius Erving)

This was the man that molded Michael Jordan, Dominique Wilkins and Isiah Thomas. This man can dunk – with precision. Just like a great doctor.

Julius Erving has an athlete moniker

The Big Hurt (Frank Thomas)

When he hits, you can feel it hurt. That is how hard he hits every baseball. It is a wonder none of them exploded!

Frank Thomas has an athlete moniker

Magic (Earvin Johnson)

With his incredible control of the ball and the way he passed the ball around – it is definitely like he is using magic whenever he plays. It is even amazing how he beat HIV and built a business that made him worth billions of dollars.

Earvin “Magic” Johnson has an athlete moniker

The Refrigerator (William Perry)

This defensive lineman is the size of a refrigerator and his size makes him one of the best.

William Perry has an athlete moniker

Pacman (Manny Pacquiao)

He beats his opponents the way Pacman the game eats the ghosts. He seems hungry to make his way to the top – where he deserves to be.

Manny “Pacman’ Pacquiao has an athlete moniker

Air (Michael Jordan)

One of the greatest athletes of all time. When he dunks, it seems like he can fly. His basketball prowess makes this the perfect nickname and his endorsements love it! He remains to be one of the biggest endorsers in the industry – even years after he retired.

Michael Jordan has an athlete moniker

What do you think of these athlete monikers?

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